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Taking great wedding photo is an integral part of having a successful wedding and should not be overlooked while planning for the big day. Planning for a wedding is a process that can take several months or a year all for an auspicious occasion full of wonderful chaos and goes by quickly. As such, it is necessary to capture every special moment on camera and relive every moment of the wedding every time you look at the pictures. View Post


3D Lipo (Cryolipolysis) at Harley Street MD

I recently received an exciting opportunity to review Harley Street MD’s new 3D Cryolipolysis (AKA 3D Lipo) treatment before it’s official launch this January. I know, Amazing! I’ve heard about similar treatments were fat is removed without surgery but I had no idea what to expect. I went along with lots of questions as I know that us women often stress about hard to lose fat in stubborn areas. So read on to find out my answers and what I thought of this revolutionary treatment! View Post



Stretch marks can make us self conscious and want to hide parts of our bodies. Unfortunately, they are a common complaint of many women when speaking about our bodies. Bio Oil and Coconut Oil seem to be the go to, ‘natural’ treatments but sometimes this just isn’t enough. Often with summer coming up, holidays and even the dream honeymoon you’ve been planning for an age, unsightly stretch marks can fill us with dread. I was invited to try Laser Stretch Mark Removal at Pulse Light Clinic in London. Although I was nervous, and a little scared, I wanted to know if this could help other women. So far, I’ve had 1 patch test and 1 treatment. Both sessions were nowhere near as scary as I thought they would be so I thought I’d share my experience so far with you.

I had a consultation first with Lucy at Pulse Light. This really put me at ease as I was a bit nervous at first as I’m someone who is terrified of pain, needles, you name it. So I’d imagined being pricked or burned countless times. Thankfully, this was not the case!


The actual treatment relies on intense heat from the laser. The laser stimulates collagen production and is suitable for all skin types. You do feel it but you get used to the feeling. There was no screaming and I wasn’t in agony. But it did feel a bit uncomfortable at first. The texture and colour of the stretch marks can be improved and results are usually seen after 3-5 treatments.Lucy did mention that my treatment may take longer to show results as I don’t have large stretch marks. They are very small and are quite light rather than dark. But as is the case with every woman, they still bother me as I know they’re there.


My patch test was filmed (you can see how nervous I was!) and so was another lady’s. The other lady’s results are a good indication of what to expect as she’s had a series of treatments. I’m due another treatment after Christmas so I’ll definitely keep you posted on how this goes and whether or not there has been a significant improvement in appearance. I’d also just gotten back from Ghana, West Africa when this was filmed so I’ll need to keep an eye on how they appear now that my tan has pretty much gone too.

Stay tuned!

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Back in November I was invited to a beautiful hotel in London to view the new collection by To Have and To Hold before the launch of their new online collection at Cue an impromptu, fun filled photo shoot featuring yours truly!


The Olympia gown


The Bardot



The Alara


The Stella Dress, Gold Sequins


The Bardot, TH&TH

TH&TH is the brain child of female trio Louie, Kitty and Ping. Three super awesome boss ladies who met in the early noughties at fashion school, have clubbed together to offer something fresh, new and fun to the bridal market. Influenced by New York, Hong Kong and London style, the online collection is now Live!  Brides can click and buy their ready to wear collection and have the dresses delivered within 3 days. 


Bardot, Navy


The ladies also offer the TH&TH Privé service which allows brides to extend sizing and colours of the ready to wear line (delivery within 6 weeks) or can create a custom dress from scratch (they are currently working on weddings for next summer onwards). 



The Bardot, in Navy


The dresses in this collection are simply exquisite and made from the best materials- I even inspected the lining! Affordability seems to be core to this brand with dresses ranging from £100 to £180 in the ready to wear collection.

My personal favourite was the Alara dress in Blush. I’m tempted to buy this and keep it for a special occasion- I am a bridesmaid for 2 brides next year but unfortunately (as a bridesmaid) I cannot force my style on the bride  (lol- I am hinting!).


Alara Dress, Blush


For more photos of the collection, head over to the site and also follow TH&TH on instagram @thth_bridesmaids!




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For the past few weeks I’ve been training with WeTRAIN- A new, innovative group of personal trainers focused on making fitness more enjoyable by making it more sociable, and thus enjoyable. But can this concept work? What of the Bride and her Maids? Could they. in theory, train together prior to the big day? Read my review and my experience testing out this concept.  View Post