Editor's Post- STB attends House Of Mamas Launch Event


STB was lucky enough to bag an invite to the House Of Mamas launch event for Drama Parlour last week! As Editor of STB I was delighted to accept an invitation to an evening full of beauty treatments, nibbles, prosecco and networking!



Situated in trendy Bethnal Green, on the first floor above The Dundee Arms, Drama Parlour is the brainchild of renowned stylist Victoria Saunders. Victoria has run award winning salons and has decided to venture out, alongside stylist Jeff Ginsburgh, to channel all her creative energy into Drama Parlour.

I personally love launch events as it’s a great opportunity to network, tell people about the work I do on STB, meet new people, other bloggers and discover their work and other niche interests.

House of Mamas is run by friends Natalie (of blog Style Me Sunday and Kelly (a former finance director in the City). Their aim is to connect bloggers with new, as well as established brands- a great concept and service that is much needed in the blogging world.

So, on to beauty! I was lucky enough to have an ageLoc facial rejuvenation treatment with the lovely Camilla Kirk-Reynolds. The ageLoc machine is used to massage your face, sending pulses through your skin to effectively wake up your skin, working with your dna to prevent or reversesigns of ageing.

I’m always very sceptical about claims like this so I was intrigued to try this machine out. Camilla did half of my face in order to give me a more accurate before and after. All my makeup was removed and ageLoc cleansers and serum were rubbed into the skin on my face and neck before the machine was used.

Following about 30 minutes of circular, massage style movements on my face- which didn’t hurt at all by the way! It felt similar to shaving but minus the razor- it was time to see the results. The half of my face that had been treated was noticeably smoother. The biggest difference could be seen on my neck!

With a price tag under £300 for the machine and the skin range packs circa £45, ageLoc is, in my opinion, a product worth buying. Apparently it’s very popular with brides and mothers of the bride preparing for the big day!

With one half of my face feeling smooth and incredibly soft, it was time to find out what was on offer with The Makeup School London.

I was so busy chatting about lipstick colours and getting tips on how to use lipstick as blusher that I forgot to take any photos of me getting my makeover. My friend Gemma’s pictures will be used instead!

We spoke to a lovely make-up artist from The Makeup School London who not only, as mentioned, gave us useful make up tips and shortcuts, also gave us lovely make overs! Gemma and I love smokey eyes and she showed us how to create this effect using dark grey, rather than black, eyeshadow.

We left with lovely goodie bags, curtesy of House of Mamas, which were filled with lots of treats! All in all, a fab event!


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