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All White Wedding Aisle

All White Wedding Aisle

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Whether you’re a family member, a bridesmaid or just a very good friend, wedding celebration responsibility can fall on you. But don’t panic. You can totally be up to the task! No matter which event you’ve got a hand in organising, there are simple ways to make it the best wedding celebration there ever was.


First up, the engagement party. Sometimes this is  a few days after the groom has popped the question. However, hopefully, you’ll have at least a couple of weeks to get organised. Wherever possible, don’t let the bride and groom hold it at their house. They’ll feel like the hosts even though it’s a party to celebrate them. Plus they’ll probably get lumped with all the tidying up at the end. Hiring a venue is a great idea. Some venues will allow free hire if a minimum amount is spent at the bar. This is usually do-able if there are lots coming along, and the party is in the evening.


Once the engagement excitement is over, it will be time to think about the wedding dress. Making this a celebration can sometimes be forgotten, but it shouldn’t. This is the most important shopping trip of your friend’s life. If you’ve planned a day of shop visits together, make sure you factor in 90 minutes for lunch. One way to make this extra special is to reserve a table at their favourite restaurant. Or, you could arrange for you and the girls to go for a champagne afternoon tea. Just don’t let the bride drink too many bubbles or she might make giddy decisions on the dress!


As soon as the engagement has been celebrated and the dress selected, it will be time to start planning the hen party. Stock up on a bunch of cool hen party accessories. If you’re going for a typical hen party, you’ll want sashes, L plates, badges and tiaras! Make sure you get enough to go around.


Before you know it, the wedding day will be looming. Even if you and the girls are feeling excited, chances are the bride is feeling a little apprehensive. This doesn’t have to be cold feet! She might just be worrying that the food will be bad, or something will go wrong with the sound system. The key here is to relax her and distract her. Don’t head out; stay in the house. Have a few girlfriends over, change into your pajamas and order a takeaway. Turn the night into a girly sleepover. Chatting and laughing will likely be exactly what she needs.


Once you’ve all had a good night’s sleep, the wedding day will have arrived. But the fun shouldn’t just start upon arrival at the venue. It should start the minute you all wake up! Make a tray of mimosas and some bowls of healthy fruit. Put some happy music on and prepare the house or hotel for the hair and makeup artist. Wake up the bride with a big smile and a cosy dressing gown and you’ll be setting her up perfectly for the biggest day of the life.


As the lights go up after the final dance of the night, give yourself a pat on the back. You’ve done a great job!! The happy couple is sure to appreciate your help and hard work for many years to come.
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Happy Planning! xoxo


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