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Taking care of your body on both the inside and outside is so important. Especially when planning your wedding! However, a common complaint from brides seems to be that they are running on empty, struggling to find time to relax or even pamper themselves in the lead up to the big day. This is a recipe for disaster. If this is you, this post will show you how to make adjustments from the comfort of your own home.

Low Energy

A lot of you complain that you have a lot to do and often very little energy to get things done. A large majority of brides don’t have the luxury of having a Wedding Planner/Coordinator on hand to do the majority of the planning tasks for them. This means that all too often, you are juggling work and family life with multiple wedding planning tasks. So what changes can you make to stay healthy and also boost your energy?

In the run up to my wedding I was relying on unhealthy energy boosters such as Lucozade. This is not a good idea if you want to maintain good skin. I then started Juicing at home, making healthy juices and smoothies with antioxidants such as blueberries in them, to boost my energy. I also relied on Echinacea to boost my immune system as I often get sick with colds (I blame public transport). This was really effective for me.

Green Tea is also amazing for boosting your energy as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients which are great for your body. A friend of mine recommended Green Tea with Coconut Oil as I don’t really like the taste of Green Tea. I noticed I felt less stressed after adding Green Tea to my diet, however I never really looked forward to making a cup.

I was recently asked to review some Green Tea tablets. Just like Green Tea (liquid form), these tablets improve brain functionality and aid fat loss. However, what I love is that one tablet is the equivalent of six cups of Green Tea! I’ve been taking one tablet in the morning after breakfast and ploughing through the day.


Water should 100% be part of your beauty regime and health regime in the run up to your big day. I cannot stress enough how important it is to remain hydrated.

Skin Care

In the run up to my big day I relied on a combination of at-home facials and visits to my local spa for facials. This was pretty time consuming so I often preferred the at-home treatments from Boots and Superdrugs. But often, these smelt lovely but I didn’t see a huge difference in my skin.

Micordermabrasion is something I’d highly recommend. In fact, you can read my review on Microdermabrasion from my last visit to Pro Skin Clinic  in London. I left the clinic with smooth skin and a fresher complexion. I promised I’d start regularly going but as is the case these days with work, I never have time. I’ve now managed to get my hands on an at-home Microdermabrasion Skin Peel treatment. All I can say is that my complexion is brighter, literally as if the pollution from working in the City has been removed from my skin. But with no pain! This is not a chemical peel so it works gently to remove the dull, dirty surface layers of your skin.

Mud Masks are great for removing blackheads, unblocking pores and surface oils and dirt from your skin. This weekend I tried the Epoch Mud Mask while I caught up on all my favourite reality shows (Real Housewives of New Jersey, Beverly Hills and Atlanta). I even roped my Hubby in. I spotted a ripe spot on his cheek and asked if I could experiment by putting some of the mask on his spot. He was adamant at first but I kept promising him that the mask would suck the spot out from the root. Eventually he let me dab the spot *big smile*.

Me with my mud mask on

My skin was smoother and softer after my mud mask treatment. It actually looked cleaner. What I liked about the mask is that the mask got darker in the areas where I had the most build up. This was my T-Zone. Hubby’s spot was completely zapped. It actually looked like there was a small hole where the body of the spot had been as whatever was causing the inflammation had gone.

Moisturiser is especially important for keeping skin soft and supple in the run up to your big day. Your wedding day make up will sit better on skin that is well looked after. In the run up to our day, I was doing facials and masks, as well as moisturising every morning and night. A great oil to try at night is Coconut Oil. Smells amazing but also leaves skin feeling lovely and soft whilst giving it essential moisture.

Whiter Teeth

I started reviewing a Whitening Toothpaste a few weeks ago. I was happy to try this as I am obsessed with White Teeth. I just believe a nice smile goes a long way so I take really good care of mine. In fact when I was younger, I’d often dream of losing a tooth in a really obvious and ugly place or quite often, all of my teeth. Luckily this has never happened!

Those of you that follow me on Social Media will have seen the photos of my results. Despite drinking Coffee every day, this toothpaste, a steal at £10, has made my teeth about two shades whiter after just a few weeks.

white teeth

White Teeth

If you’d like to get your hands on the Tegreen Capsules, Microdermabrasion Polishing Peel, the Mud Mask or Whitening Toothpaste that I use, get in touch at

Also, if you’re still looking for Wedding Planning Support, join my Bridal Glam Community group on Facebook and connect with a network of brides in the same position as you.

Happy planning!! xoxo




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