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It’s wedding season again, believe it or not! For a lot of you this means planning, planning, planning! I’m delighted to feature guest blogger, Nathalie Martin from on Show The Bride. Nathalie’s giving you her expertise on how to choose the right flowers for your dream wedding. Enjoy! xoxo


Planning a wedding involves making hundreds, if not thousands of decisions. Some of them big, like – where shall we get married? And some of them small like – shall we go for plain or embroidered table linen? But ask any bride and they will tell you that every decision, no matter how minor it might seem to anyone else, is carefully considered and deliberately chosen to add to the magic of their day.


Choosing a flower scheme is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions I had to make when planning my own wedding. There was so much to consider, and having been to several friend’s weddings, I knew the impact that a good floral arrangement could have on the overall feel of the big day.


So what should you consider when choosing your wedding flowers?


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First and foremost, it’s important to think about the season that you have chosen to get married. From a purely practical viewpoint, choosing flowers that are in season are more readily available, so can help keep costs down. However, a seasonal flower arrangement can also help to unite the outside with your wedding scheme. Holding a colourful summer bouquet might look a little out of place if you’re getting married in winter when the trees are completely bare. Of course, that doesn’t mean that if you’re getting married in winter then you can’t have beautiful flowers!

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 Equally important to consider when choosing your wedding flowers is your venue. Many wedding venues are situated within stunning grounds, so it is worth taking a closer look at the flowers and plants that grow on the property, to see if you can incorporate them in to your scheme. For example if you’re tying the knot in Scotland, then perhaps you could include thistles in your bouquet as a nod to the local flora, whereas if you’re looking at wedding venues in Kent, then you might consider including spring blossom from the apple trees.





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Colour Scheme

It goes without saying that your flowers should fit in to your overall wedding colour scheme. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to match everything exactly. In fact, the flower arrangement is a great way to bring in different pops of colour to accent the overall scheme. If for example you’ve gone for a lavender theme, you can add touches of yellow or pink to your flowers, to break it up. Another approach is to go for a very muted colour scheme, and make a statement with your flowers – crimson reds, burnt oranges or vibrant pinks against crisp white can look fantastic.



Given that you’ll be carrying your bouquet for a large portion of the day, it needs to compliment your wedding dress. If you’re going for a bohemian style of dress, then you should think about rustic or English country flowers like heather or lavender. Or if you prefer bigger, princess style dresses then your bridal bouquet should be fuller using flowers like hydrangeas or peonies.


Personal Touch

Perhaps most importantly, it’s worth considering adding a personal touch to your bridal bouquet. If you remember the first bunch of flowers that your husband to be bought you, can you add those to the bouquet? Perhaps you might even be able to add flowers from your own garden? Adding a personal note to your flower scheme will make it all the more special, and add to the magic of your day. As an extra tip – make sure you hang on to your bouquet! You can dry them and then hang them in your home, press them and keep them in a special book, or even freeze dry them to keep them looking just as they did on your big day.



Although it was difficult to make a final decision, in the end choosing my flowers was one of the most enjoyable parts of planning my wedding. They provided a beautiful backdrop to one of the best days of my life, and although it can seem overwhelming when faced with all of the options, considering the above factors should make choosing your wedding flowers a lot easier.


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