Wedding Juicing- Is it the New ‘Thing’?

When life gives you lemons... or limes!

Is it ever acceptable to host a wedding without any alcohol?  Are we kidding ourselves in thinking that our guests are there because they love us, and not for the copious amount of free alcohol? During the months leading up to my own wedding, I attempted every dieting method the internet could recommend me. One that always stood out was, juicing.

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This week Nathalie from Help I’m Getting Married joins Show The Bride to let us know all about the juicing trend that’s shaking up the bridal world. Share your comments below and give Nathalie’s blog a follow if you enjoy this piece as much as I have! Thank you Nathalie!



Juicing seems to have tripled in popularity since I first started to invest time into researching the trend. The routine to me, seemed far too painful. To succeed you must say goodbye to all delicious solid carbs, and anything chewable for that matter. However traumatizing the idea of juicing may seem, it’s working for a lot of people and juices of all varieties are now making an appearance on the big day too.

Things To know Before You Commit

Before you announce to the girls that you are now ‘cleansing’, know that it’s not necessarily going to be easy, okay you probably already knew that. To be more precise, be prepared to experience a few hurdles.

It’s all in The Prep

The night before you decide to give up the good stuff and embrace a cleaner lifestyle, it’s important to prep. It is highly recommended that you cut out the following ingredients the day before, this will help prevent any unwanted acidity in your stomach. Limit your dairy, refined sugar and alcohol intake, the acids found in these food types may well interfere with your cleanse.  Instead opt for fruits, high fiber vegetables and hot water with lemon.  Sadly, a pizza blow out is not on the cards pre-cleanse.

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Be Realistic

Although Instagram users across the world insist that Kale should be put into your juicer, take baby steps. We all know easing ourselves into things is often the best approach, to do this with juicing start with sweeter fruits. Look out for ‘raw and ‘cold pressed’ juices, gradually as you ease yourself in you’ll be ready for more low sugar juice which includes more vegetables. Starting with sweeter juices makes the transition far easier.

Don’t Binge post cleanse

Most health advisers recommend you start your pre-wedding juicing 1-2 weeks before the big day. The issue with this tight schedule is how close it falls to the potential binging that may happen on your wedding day. If my wedding day is anything to go by, there will be a lot of heavy alcohol and cheese to consume. The purpose of juicing is to balance your body, this can be quickly ruined by flooding it with highly calorific indulgences.

Wedding Juice Bar

I’m very conscious that everything I have suggested so far may limit your wedding day fun. Fear not. If you decide to juice 1-2 weeks before the big day, like many women across the country choose to do, you may be interested in adding some healthier additions to your wedding day. A fast-growing trend that is supporting the juicing movement overall, is the ability to incorporate juices into your wedding. You’ve seen cocktail bars and street food vans available to hire for your big day, do not for one second think juicing can’t play a role too.

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I love to keep on top of wedding trends so when I discovered luxury wedding caterers were incorporating juices into their extravaganza, I was certainly intrigued. Now more and more weddings are incorporating delicious non-alcoholic substitutes into their menus and, I’m quite keen on the idea.

There is often a lot of pressure to kick start on the prosecco rather early in the day. I have attended many weddings where there is very little else to drink available in the early stages of the day. I rather like the idea of starting the celebrations with a super healthy and delicious juice boost, I embrace the trend!

Happy planning! xoxox

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