10 Bridal Shower Gift Ideas to Stand Out

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The bridal shower is the ultimate party every girl dreams about – all your girlfriends, brought together in order to support you and help you celebrate one of the most important decisions you have ever made – vowing to your loved one. If you have a friend, who is soon getting married, you might want to give her something practical that could be useful in her new home. But also, marriage life isn’t just about dull domestic activities like cooking or cleaning. Leave the frying pan behind.
Here we have prepared some original ideas, so you could give your friend something special for the start of her married life.

1. Designer dinnerware sets
Dinnerware is an essential part of every home. Of course, the couple probably already has some functional ordinary plates. However, if you’re looking for a bridal shower present, you should go for something more special. Choose something stylish and exquisite that would make every dinner a romantic event, no matter what is on the plate.

dinner set


2. Photo frame

It`s all about making happy memories. Give your soon-to-be-married friend a stylish place to keep those memories in sight and remind her of all the joyful moment she has experienced and all that the future still holds for her. Put your favorite photo in a beautiful frame, so she could look at it anytime she needs to smile.

3. A stylish vase
A vase is an item, which every lodging needs in order to feel like a true home. It doesn’t matter what is the style of your friends house – flowers freshen up every room and look equally great in a minimalistic or more extravagant setting. Give your friends a classical stylish vase to put them in and you can’t go wrong with it.


4. Cozy blanket
You don’t have to watch the movie “How to Make an American Quilt” to know that marriage life should be just as warm and cozy as a blanket. Give your friend a soft and pretty one to represent it. This is also going to be a great family gift, since the blanket is an essential part of every home. You get bonus points if it is handmade.



5. Polaroid camera
Give your friends an instant camera to capture all the happy memories of their marriage – the bridal shower party is only the beginning of it, so this is a way to make sure you`re going to be on a photo as well. Cool thing about instant cameras is that the photos look exactly like mini greeting cards.

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6. Designer bed sheets

Bed sheets, of course, are needed in every home, so they are both a practical and stylish gift. However, giving them to a future bride, will add some extra “wink” to the bridal shower party. Choose a designer set, which will make her new bedroom an even more interesting and comfortable place.
designer bed sheets


7. Magical aroma lamp
We were wondering what could be more romantic than classic scented candles and we are almost sure the answer is “Nothing”. Then we saw the aroma lamp. Essential oils fill the room with magical fragrance and warm light. A good aroma lamp is not only a beautiful home decoration, but could also have therapeutic and relaxing qualities. The future bride will certainly love it!
Aroma lamp


8. Travel gear for future adventures

Probably the best thing about a wedding is the honeymoon that follows. And if your friend is a traveler, you may find the perfect present for her among the travel gear. Give her something useful, that she could take on family trips, such as suitcase, comfortable backpack or even filtering water bottle – everything that could make their adventures safer, easier and more comfortable.

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9. Coffee brewer
Every new beginning requires a proper amount of coffee. And since the newlyweds are going to start every day together, make sure their mornings are going to be fresh. And is there a better present to achieve that than stylish French press coffee brewer?
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10. High-tech lamp

One thing the newlywed family will need for sure is a night lamp. There’s a huge variety of lamps to choose from but we live in the 21st century, so a lamp could (and should) be more practical than ever before. Let there be light!
hi tech lamp


*Bonus Gift*

11. Getaway weekend with her besties

Usually experiences make the best gifts. Organize a Spa weekend for your friend and go somewhere together. Make her relax before the wedding with massages, cocktails and sweet talking to keep her stress levels down.


We hope our bridal shower gift ideas will be helpful for you to choose the perfect gift for your friend. If you want to stand out with your present, it should be meaningful, practical and maybe even a little sentimental. Choose something you know your friend needs, or at least something that matches her style and reminds her of something nice. However, at the end of the day everything that matters is your unique friendship and making the best of it. Have fun at the party and remember – nothing beats a thoughtful present.

Happy Planning!! xoxox

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