COVID Wedding Guidelines

2020 has been a year none of us will forget. As another month passes in Lockdown, we’re now starting to see restrictions ease and the Government has now released new guidelines for COVID-19 Weddings in England and Wales. First things first, the Government has been very deliberate in naming its new COVID Wedding guidelines. It’s titled ‘Guidance for small marriages and civil partnerships’. No surprise then that the focus is on smaller ceremonies in ‘COVID-safe’ locations. i’ve linked to the full guidance below but here’s an easy to digest breakdown of what’s allowed!

  • From 4 July, during COVID up to 30 people can gather at a legal marriage ceremony. This is only applicable to licensed ceremony venues. For public health reasons, the number is capped at 30.
  • The ceremony should only take place in COVID-19 secure environments. If a marriage ceremony can take place legally elsewhere (not covered by the guidance, such as outdoor weddings permitted under the Marriage Act), the legal restrictions on gatherings must be followed.
  • It is the responsibility of the venue during COVID to ensure the safety of those attending and to ensure the safety of the public by preventing large gatherings or mass events from taking place.
  • During COVID large wedding receptions or parties are still not allowed following the ceremony
  • No food or drink can be consumed as part of the event, unless required for the purposes of solemnisation i.e. as part of the ceremony
  • To prevent the spread of COVID, and to adhere to the COVID guidelines, hands must be washed and sanitised before the exchanging of rings, and again after. In fact, the guidance says the rings should be handled by as few people as possible
  • A parent/guardian is required to hold any infant involved in the ceremony in any way
  • Singing, chanting, playing music at a level which encourages shouting should be avoided due to the increased risk of transmission from aerosol or droplets
  • Playing of instruments that are blown into should be avoided
  • Social distancing of 2 metres still applies between households- or 1 metre with risk mitigation if 2 metres is not possible, as per the COVID wedding guidelines
  • Where rituals or ceremonies require water to be applied to the body, only small amounts can be splashed. Others present should distance themselves to avoid being splashed. All individuals involved should wash hands thoroughly before and after
COVID Wedding Guidelines

What does risk mitigation mean?

The government’s COVID Wedding guidelines sets out that couples should consider and set out the mitigations they will introduce within their risk assessment. Helpful suggestions include:

  • Marking areas within the venue to make it easier for guests to maintain social distancing between households
  • Avoiding any face to face seating by changing layouts for the day
  • Improving ventilation e.g. open windows rather than air con
  • Reducing the number of people in enclosed spaces
  • Using protective screens and coverings

For some, the new COVID Wedding guidelines will bring a sense of relief but for others the restricted numbers will be a disappointment. Whatever you decide to do, just be safe. Remember, love is love. You can still get married to the love of your life and celebrate with everyone you want to at a date in the future. Take your time and make the best decision for yourselves as a couple. You’ll get there!

Comment below and let me know your thoughts on the COVID Wedding Guidelines and how you’re getting on. Always happy to have a chat. the full guidelines can be found here.

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Here’s some wedding inspo for those of you still planning your wedding theme. This beautiful French Chateau Wedding will wow you!

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Hi dolls! Recent research by an online lighting company shows that Christmas and New Year are one of the most popular times of year for engagements. This means to secure the venue you want, you need to get planning as soon as possible, before the Valentine’s proposals start happening in February. Eek! But, don’t panic- continue reading for planning tips!

Festive Lights is a lighting specialist with a product portfolio spanning indoor, outdoor, functional and decorative products.Predominantly an online retailer, the Lancashire-based company also have a trade showroom and warehousing facilities in Wigan.
Dreamwave events_preview - Copy

To understand more about how couples plan their weddings, Festive Lights ran a survey of 1009 people in the UK, asking those who were engaged, or were married, when the proposal had happened and whether it was on a special occasion. This revealed that the most proposals happen around Christmas, with 33% of people answering that they’d put a ring on it around Christmas Day and New Year. The festive period was more popular for proposals than birthdays (22%) and more than twice as popular as Valentine’s Day (15%). As a result, January sees a spike in couples beginning to plan their weddings.

With a number of celebrity fans, the company has also supplied many well-known retail, hotel, and leisure operations, such as Hollister, Pitcher & Piano, The Ritz, Holiday Inn and Chester Zoo. Stephen Alty, General Manager at Festive Lights, commented:

“Many couples don’t realise the extent of the planning that goes into organising their wedding until they get engaged. They have plans of grandeur based on photos they’ve seen on popular image-based social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram. It’s only when they begin their research that they start to understand how much needs to be done.”

FL-1626-WW_10_preview - Copy

HL146_15_preview - Copy
Festive Lights’ have kindly provided their top tips on how to get a head start on your wedding:

Book early

The more you do at the beginning, the less stressful it will be as you reach the last few months’ approach. Securing the venue, photographer and florist are the 3 main things you need to get checked off your list. Then you can move on to the finer details:

Lock down a theme

Festive Lights recommends creating a wedding plan, choosing a general idea of the theme and atmosphere you want to have when you have booked your venue. After this, you can start to gather materials towards that theme as early as possible.


When lighting is done correctly, it can create an atmosphere all on its own without the need for other expensive decorations. As day moves into night, you can transform a room, marquee or tipi into a totally different environment with lighting. In summer, create exquisite outdoor party areas to make the most of long summer nights, and in winter, create cosy vibes inside that keep guests feeling warm.

Festoon Lighting

Ideal for every venue, festoon lighting can be used indoors and outdoors to brighten, enhance features and create a slightly retro or rustic ambience. The beauty of festoon lighting is that it is completely flexible and can fit any style of décor.

Wrap them around trees and bushes, use them to line pathways and entrances; string them around the interior of a marquee. However you choose to use festoon lighting, it’s a budget friendly way to illuminate and decorate.

Dreamwave events festoons_preview

Fairy Lights

For a romantic atmosphere like no other, Festive Lights recommends using fairy lights. Not only can these be strung around the venue to decorate, they can also be used more creatively too:

· Use fairy lights as a centrepiece by gathering them in a glass vase.

· Drape them amongst your greenery.

· Create a fairy light canopy within a marquee, or under stars for an outdoor celebration.

· Highlight your seating plan with a frame of fairy lights.


Dreamwave barn beam wrapping_preview - Copy

The lighting details are how you really nail down the ambience of your wedding. These additional features will make sure your celebration really stands out from the rest:

· Make a statement with LED circus letters of your initials on your top table – these can be purchased or even DIYed using fairy lights.

· Candles flickering as centrepieces on your table will help guests feel relaxed and will enhance the romantic atmosphere. Make sure to check with your venue about having open flames, but LED battery operated candles will have the same effect with more peace of mind.

· Twig lighting can be an effective way to add more detail whilst still keeping the look natural and pretty.

Happy planning!

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