One of the most important parts of your wedding planning is, without doubt, finding the perfect photographer. It’s your wedding photographer who will capture snippets of your wedding that you and your loved ones can look back on for many years to come. That’s why it’s so important that when it comes to choosing a photographer, that you make the right choice. The question is, how do you go about it? View Post


Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful without the help of a planner. I woke up with a great idea this morning. Why not start a group where bride’s can talk openly to each other, get helpful tips and advice while also receiving amazing wedding inspiration? View Post


Photo booths are a great way to cherish your wedding fun forever. After all the meticulous (but so important) details have been planned, you’ve swapped the seating arrangements over for the umpteenth (but final time), and you’ve checked the last item off your checklist, all you’ll want to do is have fun with your family and friends on the big day. A Photo Booth could be the answer!

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Karen Tran Florals

Karen Tran Florals

Do you dream of a home wedding? If you live in England or Wales, getting married in your own home isn’t currently an option for most engaged couples, but thanks to a recent review from the Law Commission that could be about to change. One day, with a little careful planning and a lot of clearing up afterwards, you may be able to say “I do” in your front room. But what would your ultimate home wedding look like and what logistics do you need to take into consideration when holding a wedding in such a personal location? View Post