Hi dolls-So sorry I haven’t been posting regularly. Every bit of spare time I have is currently devoted to wedding planning. Not that I’m complaining at all because I love every bit of it! Plus I’m too much of a control freak to delegate any of the major tasks.
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Hi dolls,

I want to share both an absolutely stunning venue with you and an amazing wedding show that is happening this sunday.Tucked away in Ottershaw in Surrey is stunning Foxhills- a resort hotel, health spa and golf club!
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Hi All,

It’s been a little while since I did any reviews on my blog. I’ve been a little busy with every day life and working. I promise to try harder to post regularly though. Especially now that I’ve narrowed down my venue choices!! Think I may have actually made up my mind. More on this later. Today’s post is quite delayed but better late than never!

Just before Christmas I went bridal gown shopping with a colleague who is getting married later this year. I was very excited when my colleague asked for my help in finding a bridal store that sells stylish plus-sized gowns. It was a little tricky as a lot of the good ones- i.e the ones that actually have stylish gowns that flatter the body- are based outside London.

After a lot of researching (and googling) I found Heavenly Bodies, based in Catford. I booked an appointment and myself, the bride to be and another colleague went down there on a Saturday.

The Owner was so lovely. She was really patient an explained how the day would go. She first asked my colleague to try on the 6 or 7 shapes that she believed would flatter a plus sized bride and then got my Colleague to narrow these down to the shapes she liked best. The shapes included ‘Fishtail’, ‘Halter neck’ and ‘Heart shaped bust’. Obviously she was also on hand to give her advice regarding which styles looked best.

The Bridal shop was so lovely! Unfortunately we were not allowed to take any pictures so I respected this and did not take any. We really had a great girly day! My only suggestion would be that there should be light refreshments on offer if possible. Usually at Bridal shops you hear about the Bride getting a glass of bucks fizz and some nibbles. However, I think a glass of OJ is not too much to ask. My colleague and I (the observers) were thirsty after 3 hours of bridal gown viewing. The experience was still amazing though! I would definitely recommend this bridal shop to any curvy bride. My colleague left feeling confident and absolutely delighted with her ‘Wow’ dress.

I have added some pictures from the Heavenly Bodies website below. You can also view their bridal collection

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Happy planning! <3


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This morning I went along to view Pembroke Lodge in Richmond. Situated in the heart of Richmond Park, this venue is picture perfect.
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It’s wedding season and the sun is only now starting to make an appearance. With that in mind, on Saturday me and two of my girlies went on a mini roadtrip to Tunbridge Wells in Kent to visit the Spa Hotel; a potential wedding venue.
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