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The bridal shower is the ultimate party every girl dreams about – all your girlfriends, brought together in order to support you and help you celebrate one of the most important decisions you have ever made – vowing to your loved one. If you have a friend, who is soon getting married, you might want to give her something practical that could be useful in her new home. But also, marriage life isn’t just about dull domestic activities like cooking or cleaning. Leave the frying pan behind.
Here we have prepared some original ideas, so you could give your friend something special for the start of her married life. View Post


Happy New Year Dolls!! 2018 is upon us and I am determined to make sure it is an amazing year for me, STB and all my future endeavours. I hope you’ll be motivated to make this your year too and am thankful for your support of STB thus far. We can only get better!! Please join me in welcoming back Nathalie from In this post, Nathalie talks us through her top 5 gifts for new husbands. If you like what you see, head over to Nathalie’s blog to show some love and read more of her posts. View Post