It’s wedding season again, believe it or not! For a lot of you this means planning, planning, planning! I’m delighted to feature guest blogger, Nathalie Martin from on Show The Bride. Nathalie’s giving you her expertise on how to choose the right flowers for your dream wedding. Enjoy! xoxo View Post


All White Wedding Aisle

All White Wedding Aisle

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Whether you’re a family member, a bridesmaid or just a very good friend, wedding celebration responsibility can fall on you. But don’t panic. You can totally be up to the task! No matter which event you’ve got a hand in organising, there are simple ways to make it the best wedding celebration there ever was. View Post

Princess Dress

Princess Dress

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A wedding is one of the most beautiful ceremonies. It celebrates love and marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of two people. Another distinctive feature of the wedding is that it happens once for most of us. It is why so many couples stress out to make their wedding day as perfect as possible. To make the task easier, we have come up with the celebration planning checklist based on time left until the wedding. View Post


Wedding planning can be overwhelming and stressful without the help of a planner. I woke up with a great idea this morning. Why not start a group where bride’s can talk openly to each other, get helpful tips and advice while also receiving amazing wedding inspiration? View Post


Stunning gown by Duncan Croft Bridal

So you’ve got the venue booked, your dress picked out, the cake and the entertainment all sorted, all you need now is a photographer. Many couples struggle when it comes to finding a wedding photographer. Your wedding photos are your memories of the day, so it’s essential that they’re exactly as you’d imagined they would be! View Post