For the last month I’ve been reviewing two products for InstaNatural’s Amazon campaign! As a beauty lover this campaign has been a real treat as I’m a firm believer in products which use natural products to help look after your skin.

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Nails and lashes! Integral to most of our summer looks yet finding the right mascara and a polish that lasts more than a couple of days can become the struggle of a century. Until now!

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Hi dolls,

I want to share both an absolutely stunning venue with you and an amazing wedding show that is happening this sunday.Tucked away in Ottershaw in Surrey is stunning Foxhills- a resort hotel, health spa and golf club!
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They say you should never judge a book by its cover. Never has this statement rung so true.

Yesterday I went on a venue tour. I say this because I managed to see 4 venues in one day. I had really looked forward to going to see St Julians club in Sevenoaks. The photos on their website were breathtaking. However, the drive up to the venue was unexpected and somewhat confusing. At one point my sat nav took me up a dirt track. This was a minor set back and we found the venue in the end.

We drove down a windy road in the middle of a forest to get to St Julians. The route was like something out of this world. After about 5 minutes I really hoped we were going the right way! But at the same time the long road built up our expectations. What were we going to find at the end of this creepy, windy road that made us feel as though we were starring in a remake of the Blair Witch project?

Sadly we were quite disappointed. The venue entrance was lacking love. Recycling containers sat on the raised grass outside. There was a large windowed room right at the entrance were a first aid course was being taught. (I mention this because we visited on a Saturday. Popular wedding day.) The tall corridors in the building were drowned by the dated wall paper. Hardly the grand private members club we were expecting.

Once upon a time I can tell St Julians was a location to be admired, envied and celebrated. But the venue needs some tlc to bring it back in line with its former glory. As a private members club it works very well with its 3 family friendly swimming pools, tennis court and spectacular cliff type views over Kent. But sadly, dream wedding venue it was not. Not for me anyway.

However, what St. Julians lacked in glamour it made up for with its friendly service, flexibility and an enthusiasm for the arts. This is a family run business and this is what makes the service very unique. As they are not privately owned there are no set rules, per se. Meaning you really can get the day you want.
I’m sure they would not be offended if asked to clean the entrance up a bit for your wedding day!

The actual rooms that will host the wedding and breakfast were quite pucturesque and romantic. Particularly the vine room. The actual vines start outside and were originally pushed into the conservatory through a hole in the roof. They now cover the whole ceiling. They literally have brought the outside in. It’s beautiful.

Here are a few of the best pictures (and their best features in my opinion) that I managed to capture.











This week I’m blogging about wedding cakes!

As a girl with a sweet tooth I do really appreciate a good slice of cake. Along with the venue, the dress and the rings, the cake is up there with the list of crucial elements that must be right on the big day.

I’m not anywhere near knowing what style or design that we’ll be going with. But I do know that I don’t want a traditional fruit cake. Fruit cakes have never been my taste. I remember being a child and waiting eagerly for the wedding cake to be cut all day. Only for the knife to go down and reveal a brown, fruity centre. The world could have ended. The disappointment was too much to handle! (I was only 5 so excuse the melodramatics). I am, however, considering having 1 tier of fruitcake for the fruit cake lovers amongst us.

This week I want to introduce you to Maureen Webber’s Cake Emporium. I discovered Maureen on Twitter and I was instantly captivated by her designs. Here are a few that I love:

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Maureen is a recent finalist in the New business Category at the Westcountry Wedding Awards. Here is a snapshot of what Maureen had to say about her cake designs:

“I’ve always had an interest in baking; as a child I used to help my mum when she was baking. I’m a creative person, and studied art at college, so I guess it stems from there. I started off making cupcakes for friends and family and was encouraged to take it further and went into birthday cakes etc before progressing onto wedding cakes. Although I haven’t studied sugarcraft or baking at college and I’ve taught myself everything, I am a creative person and enjoy all sorts of arts and crafts. I am a strong believer in personal development (I studied part time for a Literature degree with The Open Uni) so am always looking to learn a new technique or skill.

I cater for all sorts of celebration that requires a cake! I do a lot of birthdays, anniversary s  seasonal events such as Valentine’s and Christmas, as well as weddings. I have done a few memorable wedding cakes; I recently did the wedding cake for an executive chef who has done catering for Formula One racing. I also had to make an emergency cake for a bride who was unhappy with the cake she had ordered elsewhere and asked me to make a replacement, I managed to do it in 2 days!”

Maureen’s Cake Emporium is based in Cornwall. Here is a link to her site:

Enjoy! Happy planning <3