This week STB features a stunning overseas wedding in the one and only Ibiza! Emma and James have shared all the details of their beautiful day with STB. If you love details, romance and glamour, you will love this Ibiza wedding!

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Hi dolls,

I tend to do a lot of planning on my commute to and from work. This can be checking out new venues, emailing suppliers or looking at wedding themes or transport.
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In order to get organised for our big day I’ve been looking at wedding checklists. I’ve discovered that these checklists are not for the light hearted! It seems impossible to find one for someone like me who doesn’t want to do too much work, but doesn’t want to forget anything. I don’t want a never ending list that makes me nervous every time I look at it. So I’ve decided to make my own (editable) checklist! I want something I can stick on the fridge, not an essay!

Here goes:

18 months to go:- 

1. Make a draft guest list- This will allow you to pick a reception venue to accommodate you and your guests.
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2. Decide your budget- Your guest list should give you an idea of how much you will be spending.

3. Book your wedding venue- the venue availability will usually determine your date. Most venues require a deposit at this point. Consider wedding insurance at this point.

4. Decide what your menu will be- usually done when booking the venue.

5. Book your ceremony venue- this will be my church. (Make sure you’re friendly with your priest!) Sort out your weddibg licence at the same time.

6. Create a wedding folder with clippings of the style of dress you want, colours/themes, bridesmaid dresses. ?w=150″ alt=”” width=”150″ height=”125″ />

7. Think about who you want in your bridal party- I like symmetry so I prefer there to be as many bridesmaids as there are grooms-men.

8. Make a note of wedding suppliers- add this to your scrap book

9. Try on wedding dresses- it’s important to get an idea of the style you want for your big day

12 months to go:-

10. Send out your Save the Date cards.

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11. Buy your wedding dress! You now have 12 months to have fittings and make adjustments.

12. Sort out your bridal parties outfits: choose your bridesmaids dresses- these always need adjusting! Get the Groom and Grooms-men to start thinking about their outfits. Sort out the flower girl/page boys outfits- remember that kids grow all the time.

13. Sort out your wedding transport- you don’t want to end up hailing a cab on your big day so make sure you book a reputable company.?w=150″ alt=”” width=”150″ height=”112″ />

14. Choose your wedding photographer/videographer

6 months to go:-

15. Send out your wedding invitations

16. Choose your wedding cake

17. Decide what wedding favours you’ll have.

18. Sort out/think about what flowers you want. Your scrapbook should help– book the florist.

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19. Book any musicians/bands/Dj’s. At the same time book your toastmaster (if you’re having one).

20. Choose who you want to read at your ceremony.

21. Decide how you will style your venue

22. Book your honeymoon!

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3 months to go:-

23. Choose and buy the wedding rings

24. Sort out bride/groom shoes

25. Choose your First dance song

26. Sort out your order of service with the church

27. Have a trial run with your wedding hairdresser/beautician. Pick your look.

28. Design seating plan

29. Choose table decorations
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30. Check your passports do not expire before/during your honeymoon

1 month to go:-

31. Go over plans for your day with your reception venue

32. Check over order of service with your church

33. Have your Hen/Stag Do’s

2 weeks to go:-

34. Confirm eveything is still running smoothly with venue/church. This would be an ideal time to have a wedding rehearsal.

35. Shop for your honeymoon wardrobe and pack! (Don’t forget to pack your passport!)

The day:-

36. Forget about planning + checklists. Enjoy your day!!


Thank you for viewing my new bridal blog!

My name is Lordine, I’m 24 and I live in Kent; originally a Surrey girl. I left full time education in 2011 and entered the big scary world of full time employment in the Autumn of 2011. I work full time for one of the ‘Big Four’ Consultancy practices in the UK.

I decided to create this blog as I got engaged to my boyfriend just a couple of months short of our 6 year anniversary in February 2011 and we’ve now decided to get married in the Summer of 2014. I have so much to plan and so many ideas to put together.  When I got engaged, we planned a beautiful engagement party that quickly became a mini-wedding. It took a lot of planning and effort. This is partly why, despite being engaged for over a year, I am only now getting started with wedding planning!

The other reason is that I’m not the typical bride-to-be. Planning my dream wedding seemed daunting to me. Admittedly I put it off as there seemed to be so many decisions to make and so little time!  I thought this blog may at least provide some guidance, tips and ideas for other brides out there or even members of the brides bridal party-roped into the planning by the bride I’m sure- in creating their ideal wedding.

I have been to a few wedding fairs- but have a hell of a lot more to attend (the free goodies are great!)- and have researched a lot about venues within the London/Surrey/Kent borders and will be posting my personal recommendations over the months to come. I will also be reviewing which wedding fairs are worth the effort of walking from stall to stall talking to various ‘experts’ in cakes, photographs and other expensive bridal ‘necessities’.

This blog is intended to be a guide but more importantly it is intended to inspire my fellow brides to create the wedding of their dreams as well as offering support and motivation when the planning gets too tough.

So feel free to comment on my posts and throw any suggestions that you may have at me!

Follow me on twitter- @supportthebride and share my posts with your fellow brides. Lets build a network of wedding planner brides!

If you would like to share your own or a friends wedding pictures of the big day, wedding prep (e.g invitations, favours, Save the dates) or planning tips then please e-mail them to me @ If you would like my help planning your own wedding, again, feel free to drop me a line.

Happy planning! <3

?w=300″ width=”300″ height=”225″ /> Let your wedding be a reflection of you