Whenever I think of Vera Wang, I think of pure elegance, fashion, glamour and of course Sex And The City. When Carrie Bradshaw popped on my cinema screen wearing that dress for the Vogue shoot in the SATC movie… Girls everywhere had a new dress crush. Myself included!

Vera Wang’s gowns have appeared in a number of popular sitcoms and movies; Sex And The City (the series), Bride Wars, Keeping Up With The Kardashian’s (both Khloe and Kimmy walked down the aisle in Vera Wang) and The West Wing to name a few. Now Vera Wang is back with the Spring 2013 collection, doing what she does best; producing gowns that ooze glamour and elegance.


I love the reds, corals and burgundy’s. What a beautiful show of defiance to such a dull and gloomy season we’ve had. I would love to think I’d be daring enough to wear a coloured gown to my own wedding (personally I think I would), but I’m a sucker for a White or Ivory gown. The Classics collection has some truly gorgeous pieces.

Vera Wang Classics

?w=150″ width=”400″ height=”600″ /> Vera Wang- The Classics Collection

Here’s some more of the other collections for you to enjoy!

Vera Wang- Katherine?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Katerina?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Kaitlin dress?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ />Vera Wang- June?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ />

Vera Wang- Juliet?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Fern?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Hayden?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Holly?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Josephine?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Henriette?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Amelia?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ /> Vera Wang- Diedre?w=103″ width=”103″ height=”150″ />

Aren’t these divine?! For all the collections visit http://www.verawang.com/EN/  <3



I love looking at wedding venues and wedding decor. But at the moment I love finding bridal accessories too. Planning is fun as long as you don’t make everything so serious!

I intend to have fun and pick styles that make me happy and make me feel pretty. But on my day I’ll be wearing my dress and my accessories; they won’t be wearing me :)

Here are a few bridal things that have caught my eye in the last two weeks. Enjoy! And if you do then please subscribe!😘 <3