A Magical Brazilian Wedding!

Mr and Mrs- First Kiss

Mr and Mrs- First Kiss

We haven’t exactly had the best summer this year in the UK. We managed to escape to Corfu this week to a lovely spa hotel with stunning views overlooking the sea. I’ll update you on our trip later but it’s safe to say that we finally found the sun! So after a mild break from blogging I’m delighted to return to STB with a spicy, magical Brazilian wedding! Our lovely bride Daiana also shares the same wedding date as us. Like me, she also had a mild hair disaster in the morning(!) (don’t worry, she looks beautiful!).

Daiana and Eduardo said “I do” in front of over one hundred guests in a wonderful ceremony in Brazil, in the city of Mogi Guaçu, Sao Paulo state, at Villa Ricci. Congratulations to the new Mr and Mrs Becker!

The Proposal

He proposed at a family barbecue last year in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, his hometown. He got my family to fly to his hometown.

Anyway, it was an amazing day, we had just finished lunch with everybody. My nephews (and God sons) were there running all over the place, when he made a toast thanking everybody for being there (all of his family included, aunts and God Mother), then he turned to me got down on one knee and said some things that I can't remember (I'm sure it was nice Ahahaha) and asked me to marry him.I said “of course!!!!” It was so sweet and great to have everyone there.

Eduardo had purchased my ring from a UK website- It was supposed to be a 2.50 black and white diamond ring, but the ring never made it to Brazil! It got lost in the mail here in Brazil, so there was no ring for me. 
Me and my family got back to our hometown (Mogi Mirim, São Paulo), and I went to my local jewellery store to have our wedding bands custom-made, and to get my God sons and the flower girls their wedding favour (18k yellow gold Holy Spirit).

On one of my visits to the store, the owner called me in his office and told me that he had something for me. It turned out to be my ring! Eduardo got in touch with him and asked him to make it for me!!!! It’s the little diamond ring that is in the pictures..

I was so so so so happy!!!! 
Eduardo chose to get Daiana a second ring because he felt so bad about the first one going missing! Daiana shares the special reason behind the choosing of this ring:
My second ring, came because he felt so bad he didn’t put it in my finger the first time, so he also got a sapphire and diamond. This is because when my mom was pregnant with me, she was watching princess Diana’s wedding, and decided to change my name. I was supposed to be called Larissa, but thanks to princess Di, I got her name!!!
So my second ring is inspired by your amazing princess, and I could not be any happier about that!!!
I knew he was going to propose because I was already planning the wedding. We had already decided to get married I just didn’t know when and how he would do it. 
The Wedding
The shoes!

The shoes!

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Venue Details

Our venue is in the city of Mogi Guaçu, São Paulo and it’s called Villa Ricci. I just love the place. It looks like a medieval Castle to me.
I lived in Dublin, Ireland for 5 years- Thanks to my dad for being half Italian we have dual citizenship and I love everything about the UK and Ireland. Our venue reminds me a little of our amazing time in Europe and your beautiful architecture and history. I couldn’t have gotten married anywhere else!!

Hair and Make-up Details

Although Daiana confesses that her hair fell apart in the beginning, it turned out perfectly in the end.
I got it done at Excelencia Corpo e Cabelo (body and hair). It is owned by Brazilian footballer Rivaldo’s wife.
My make up artist is called Adriana Telles (she’s the best!) and Carol Guecks and Edson Godi did my hair. I love them!
Photographer and Videographer Details
My amazing photographers were Mateus Santos and his staff (about 2 other) and Tati Correa, she’s an old friend and amazing photographer.
Also the videographers were Emiset Films, they are amazing!!!!
Daiana and Eduardo have kindly shared their wedding trailer with STB. I hope it inspires all of our lovely brides to be!
Fellow Blogger
I’m also delighted to share Daiana’s blog with you. Along with her sister, Daiana runs a blog which helps people wanting to learn English. You can access her blog here, Love Is Green.

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  1. 17th September 2015 / 11:57 am

    Stunning, one of the most beautiful wedding I have ever seem. My friends and I are dreaming about those flowers and her dress. WOW.

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