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I was lucky enough to be invited to the beautiful wedding of a bride called Yvonne and a groom called Rotimi. What a beautiful wedding it was!

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A lot of planning must have gone in to making this wedding as beautiful as it was. On arrival at the church we were met with a sweeping staircase lovingly wrapped with gold organza. There was a mini tree on each side of the staircase. The theme of the wedding was present right from the start.

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Once inside the church the theme continued. On the outside of every bench, leading right down the aisle, there was gold organza. The church itself was a lovely venue. Nice and bright due to it’s cream walls, high ceilings, and tall windows. There were no obstructions caused by pillars meaning every guest could see what was happening at the front of the church. Seeing the presentation of the church I knew this would be a good wedding.

On arrival to the venue, the Hilton Hotel, Docklands, we were met by very polite staff. The only negative being that a central London hotel usually means there is very limited parking. The free parking had gone quickly and there were loads of guests driving around trying to find parking. It was all good in the end as we managed to find a road a few minutes around the corner with parking. That road soon became the hot spot! Parking went fast. Back to the venue- the reception was on the first floor in a really lovely Suite. The seating plan was located at the entrance of the suite and invitations had to be presented on the way in. As soon as I entered the suite I was blown away by the table dressings. From the vases that held the white flowers, to the light gold table cloth with brown porcelain plates, to the frames that had our names on (a gift from the bride and groom), to the mini cakes each guest had at their place on the table, the attention to detail was spectacular.

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It definitely made me realise that it’s the small things that matter. Yes, they could have stopped at the fancy venue and the fancy food, but it was clear the couple wanted all their guests to feel as if they were really wanted there. I had been invited as a plus one by one of my close friends who is distantly related to the groom, so imagine my surprise when I saw all these beautiful little gifts from the couple.

I wanted to share these pictures with you all. In the manic planning of the big day it is easy to forget the little things that matter- like thanking your guests!

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Happy planning <3

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