Black Lives Matter


Over the last few weeks, I’ve contemplated what to say and what to do. Following the murder of George Floyd, and countless others deemed to be a ‘threat’ to police and White America simply because of the colour of their skin, I realise that my words will never erase the racism, oppression or brutality that black people have faced for the longest time. But as a black owned, female business, I need to use my voice to raise awareness with you all, my network, so that together we can all work proactively to rid the world of racism and the evils that follow. 

When people reply with ‘all lives matter’ there is a point being missed. Rather than assume that those saying this are doing so as a racial slur, I wanted to take a minute to explain why this can be a very hurtful, and dismissive reply. For a very long time, black lives have been treated as if they don’t matter. This movement is effectively saying, black lives matter too. No one should be offended by this. If you are, please ask yourself why.

If you truly believe in equality and anti-racism, this movement should never cause you any offence. Supporting BLM does not mean you stop supporting all other lives. 

A lot has been achieved already by people taking time to listen. George Floyd’s killers have been arrested and charged; over 20 countries across the world held anti-racism protests; Global companies came out in support of black lives; Huge global companies have pledged to use the money paid to them when they could no longer trade slaves and reinvest into the black community.

The world is watching and racism is no longer being ignored. So much more can be achieved when everybody comes together to listen and to fight against oppression. I’ve done a lot of listening, reading and researching over the last few weeks and wanted to share some initiatives with you that I feel would go some way to loosen the shackles of oppression still faced today. 

How can you support from the UK?


Sign the Petition to put pressure on Libya to end slavery now

Sign the Petition for justice for Belly Mujinga

Sign the Petition for justice for Breonna Taylor

Sign the Petition for justice for Julian cole

Sign the Petition for We Can’t Breathe 

Petition to teach Black History and the realities of British Colonialism in British schools


Liberty- An organisation dedicated to human rights and equality in the UK

Operation Black Vote- The group tackles the lack of Black representation in British politics to ensure greater racial justice within the UK. 

Black Protest Legal Support UK- A group of lawyers who have come together on a pro-bono basis to provide free legal advice to protesters 

Thanks so much to all of you for reading and for being open to learn more. I appreciate racism can be an uncomfortable conversation. But maybe we need to be uncomfortable in order to create lasting change. 

Best wishes, 


Founder and CEO xoxo

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