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For the past few weeks I’ve been training with WeTRAIN- A new, innovative group of personal trainers focused on making fitness more enjoyable by making it more sociable, and thus enjoyable. But can this concept work? What of the Bride and her Maids? Could they. in theory, train together prior to the big day? Read my review and my experience testing out this concept. 

Bridal Fitness can be a bit of a marmite topic with some believing that too much pressure is placed on appearances. However, I actually think that exercising while planning can actually relieve stress and improve your stamina for the tougher periods. But it can sometimes get lonely.

I’ve been training with WeTRAIN over the last few weeks to test the theory- Can making exercise more sociable actually encourage you to do more? And could this be something that the bridal party could do together?

I’ve attended a range of classes- Barre, Cardio/Dance, Rocket Yoga, Bloody Mary Yoga to name a few. Each class has pushed me to work harder and harder. It’s been great getting to know new people, meet some of the lovely instructors and occasionally exercise outside as the sun sets in London town!




Stress Relieving Classes

By far, I found the yoga classes to be the biggest stress busters. These weren’t just any yoga classes either. Rocket yoga, for example, occurred in front of a lake in South London. The pace was quite fast so that you did work up a sweat. Set to RnB, Pop and Dance Hits, it felt like a yoga/dance class in places. Being that we were in a popular part of London, near trendy bars and restaurants, I was able to get my class done and still meet friends for a drink afterwards.


Bloody Mary yoga- as the name suggests- includes a glass of Bloody Mary at the end of the class. Almost as a pat on the back after all your flexible/non-flexible efforts! I should add that if you’re not a fan of a Bloody Mary, you can have a Bellini as an alternative.

Fun, Sultry Classes

If you want a fun, sassy, sultry class, Barre or Cardio/Dance would suit you and your bridal party well. Barre focuses a lot on your lower body but the workout is fun, energetic and each move is done to Pop, Rnb or Dance music. I felt this workout for days after.

As for Cardio/Dance, I loved this class. Our first routine was to Rhianna’s Rudeboy! At one point, Cassius, our instructor, put sunglasses on and told us to imagine he was Rhianna and we needed to slay at an audition to dance with her at Wembley. We had the best time! It was nice to be able to let loose and try out a range of new moves. All in the name of getting fit!



This is a great way to get fit and healthy, relieve stress and socialise! If you’re under-using your gym membership, feeling like you lack motivation, give WeTRAIN a try and book a session with your friends/bridesmaids.


Current Offers

For a limited time, you can book a class and get a friend to attend for free! Just enter code ‘WTFRIEND’ when booking.


Happy Planning!


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