Wedding Food – How To Wow Your Wedding Guests

Wedding Food - Naked Victoria Sponge Cake

Naked Victoria Sponge Cake with fresh strawberries

via Clever Cupcakes This post has been contributed by Beth Jones. As you might have heard, I’ve finally starting up the Memphis branch of Chancey Charm. Wedding planning is my passion, and I can’t wait to get everything off the ground. I’m already working on some exciting projects, and I’m looking forward to more. Since wedding planning has now become my second job/business, I’ll be sure to share plenty of planning tips on here too. Today I’m going to take a look at wedding food – because who doesn’t love to eat at a wedding? If you want to think outside of chicken and potatoes, you have so many options you can explore. Here are some ideas for wowing your guests on your special day.   Wow with the Setting
Use Pink to create a romantic feel

Use Pink to create a romantic feel

The food you serve at the wedding isn’t all about the dishes. Where you eat matters too because you want everyone to feel comfortable. A beautiful setting gives everyone something to talk about and can get everyone chatting. That’s a good thing when the two sides of your family might be meeting properly for the first time! There are lots of places you can consider for your wedding reception. Many people hold it in a hotel so that they have a choice of rooms. Some hotels have banquet halls for dinner and ballrooms for dancing afterwards. You can have your choice of caterer come in or use the hotel’s services.   via Sam Xu   Wow with the Presentation   How your wedding food looks is just as important as your surroundings. If it doesn’t look good on the plate, no one’s going to want to eat it! You can get creative with the way you present your food, and it’s not just about the food itself. There are lots of other ways you can make all your guests go “wow!” when they first see what you’re serving. The way you set the tables or perhaps put things out in a buffet style can make a difference.   Wow with Your Creativity   There are so many ways you can get creative with the wedding food you serve. You don’t have to go with a sit-down three-course dinner if that’s not your style. Many couples like to use different food stations, for example. You can think outside the box and to do things a little differently than everyone else. Maybe you could have several tiers of cupcakes or donuts instead of a traditional cake. You could have chefs cooking everyone their dinner at the tables. You might even want to invent your own cocktail for the occasion.   via James Lee   Wow with Your Laidback Attitude   If you want to avoid a full dinner, there are other things you can do. Hiring a food truck has become a popular choice for a much less formal wedding. Younger couples (and some older ones too!) want to have plenty of fun at their own wedding. You could also leave everyone to put their own food together with a buffet or make-your-own-plate stations. You can get creative with the wedding food you serve at your wedding. Don’t feel like you have to go with the venue’s set menus if that’s not for you.   Let’s get social! Follow Show The Bride on social media now by simply clicking below. Instagram: @showthebride Twitter: @showthebride Facebook: @showthebride Snapchat: showthebride   Download our helpful Wedding Planning Guide which includes a comprehensive wedding checklist, budget planner and more today! Our Guide has helped so many bride to be over the years and we want this to be more accessible to even more brides. For this reason we’ve made the Guide available to download for only £0.99!   Yes, you read that right! And for information on our Wedding Planning Pay-As-You-Go service, and how this can help you prioritise and plan the key elements surrounding your day, get in touch today! Happy planning!! xoxox  

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