Is It Really Possible To Style Your Own Wedding?


Most of us have an idea what our dream wedding would look like. We may even have a vision of our ideal beautiful wedding dress. All too often, brides are left with off-the-peg designs and florists that won’t budge on their bouquet portfolio. So is it possible to style your own wedding and get exactly what you want?

There certainly are parts of your wedding you can design yourself. You can find a huge range of wedding invitation designs online that you can use as a template. That way you are in complete control of the end result. It’s the same with silk flowers. You can bind them together in the way that suits your colour scheme. Because they are artificial, they are less likely to damage or perish while you are working on them.

The dress is one of the biggest parts of the wedding. Is it possible to get the dress you’ve always dreamed of? You can commission a dress design through your local fashion school. Alternatively, you can find a designer who is willing to help you realise the dress of your dreams. Perhaps you are trying to emulate your mother’s dress? It can be hard to describe exactly what you want so try to collect photos in a scrapbook or Pinterest board of designs that have inspired you.

Your catering requirements may be a modest bouquet or a three-course sit-down meal. Many wedding venues only give you one or two menu choices. If you are planning your wedding by yourself, you might want to hire a catering firm. Using a chef that is willing to design your perfect wedding breakfast meal could help you get the wedding you are after.

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There aren’t many brides that would let their bridesmaids choose their own dresses. Most of us have a colour palette in mind, and we often like the bridesmaids to be uniform. To save money, lots of brides pick dresses off the peg. If you are looking for something special, you might choose to have dresses made especially for your wedding. This promises a better fit and a good look for your wedding photos.

Often, the wedding photos can be presented as just a dozen or so prints in a book. If you know what photos you want for your wedding, then why not use your own camera? If you have a friend who is quite good at photography, you can capture the images you want. That way you will own all the photos taken. You can edit them, print them, or have them published online. Professional photographers will not let you have the original photos. A print is all you get for the fee.

Planning a wedding on your own is an enormous undertaking. If you do choose to do this, you will soon find out why some people make it their full-time job. The key is to be organised and determined in your choices. Tenacity and good communication skills are very useful too. A bespoke wedding could end up costing you a bit more than off the peg. But for your dream wedding, sometimes the cost and effort are worth it!

Happy Planning!! xoxo

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