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I was invited to Jess Wright’s X KISS Party last week at the Soho Hotel, London. Those of you that follow me on Snapchat [showthebride] will have seen some exclusive snaps of me and Jess behind the scenes! Full video within this post. As promised, read on to find out more about the event and to find out what items were included in the goody bag!A Message From Jess

“I’ve always been a really big fan of the brand. Last year I went to a KISS party, saw the products and I’ve been using them ever since! It is something that I’m really happy to be a part of. I’m really proud; it’s a great collaboration. KISS Nails, KISS Lashes and imPRESS Nails are my absolute beauty bag must-haves for any occasion! I love that I can use them when I’m on the go and within seconds, which is perfect with my schedule. Not only do they look stunning in whichever style you choose, but they give the perfect salon finish which I love!I’m obsessed with the lashes too, the Blooming range in particular. The lashes are extremely natural looking, as they’re very wispy and fluttery with the triple layers. I’m SO happy to be part of such an incredible and fabulous brand.” JESS WRIGHT

About The Event

I had a fantastic time at Jess’s X KISS party to celebrate her being the new Celebrity Brand Ambassador for KISS Nails and Lashes. I met some amazing bloggers (2 Brunettes and a Blog, Tanned Beauty Addict and Lauren Attwood to name but a few), entrepreneurs and even a few celebrities- Gail Porter, you are the sweetest! 

I arrived at the event (held in a large suite at the Soho Hotel) and was welcomed by the lovely ladies from Alex Silver PR. Jess then came over to personally thank me for attending. This was a lovely touch and made it clear that I was not just another number. We actually had a lovely chat and a few more selfies over the course of the night!

On arrival I was directed to one part of the suite to get my nails done. I was happy to see the Prosecco was flowing, there was a room full of chatty bloggers and waiting staff made sure that you got a good, and regular, portion of finger food. My personal faves were the Falaffel balls, and the Risotto cones!

I had a full set of lashes done and gel nails applied.

Watch the full video and my verdict on the nails and lashes now!

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Inside the X KISS Goody Bag!

Jess Wright- KISS Event




Nails and Lashes galore! I’m a massive fan of sparkly glitter nails at the moment so I’m so happy with my gifts! My favourite lashes from the range so far are Ritzy. These give a full, glamorous look. I’m a fan of the false lash look. I picked these as, in my opinion, you need a set with volume for your eyes to really ‘pop’ in your wedding photos.


I think these nails would be a really good gift to your bridesmaids. Getting glammed up for a wedding, as a bride (and as a bridesmaid), can be very expensive. For the bride that insists on coordination where the bridal party is concerned, these nails provide a simple (and affordable) answer to this. You apply these on top of your own nails and you can easily remove after a hot shower. At about £7 for a full set of nails, you can enforce your own style without putting anyone out of pocket- easy compromise!


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