Stylish ways to cover your arms? Bridal "Wingz" may be the answer!


As an avid bridal fashion lover, I know plenty of women who absolutely hate showing their arms. This is often due to lack of confidence in their appearance, be it how big they are or whether anyone can see your blemishes/scars- put simply, us women will always find something to critique about ourselves! Even if this is the case, imagine the horror a bride faces when she realises her dream dress is in front of her- but it’s strapless and she doesn’t want to show her arms!

This week STB is reviewing the “Lace wingz” from Wingz’ bridal collection. Wingz, at the very minimum, provides options for the bride to be (or guest), who decides not to go sleeveless. You may have found your dream dress and the cost of altering to attach sleeves may slip into the hundreds. It may also be that you want the flexibility of having your arms covered during the day, at the ceremony perhaps, and would like to be able to remove the sleeves later on in the day.

The bridal collection offered by Wingz is practical, comfortable and affordable. It must be confessed that the item that I most wanted to feature on STB, the “Bridal Wingz”, had sold out! This is unsurprising as this piece features detailed stitching and beading- Something a lot of brides, and our readers, love! This particular product was quite exclusive, with only 5 being made. (Keep an eye out for it on the Wingz site in case it comes back in stock!)

The “lace wingz” are a worthy contender though, and actually look much better in real life than it does on the site (please do not be put off by the models featured in just their bras and wingz. I believe this is just a method used to showcase the wingz!). Because of this, I’ve decided to create a “look” using items in my own wardrobe to show how you could wear Wingz. [I promise I’ve not followed the topless method ;)]

The Look


Strapless dress, in ivory, from Missguided
Ivory and gold heels, Miss KG
Gold clutch bag
Gold beaded necklace, River Island
Lace Wingz, in white

I chose to create an Ivory look as I always associate whites, ivories and creams with bridal. The “lace wingz” I reviewed came in white, however, these can easily be dyed to match your outfit!(I’d have chosen to dye this ivory).

I really like the idea, and concept, behind Wingz. There are many reasons a woman will choose not to show her arms at all. Wingz owner, Michelle Ellis, came up with the concept of Wingz after suffering from Lipoedema, a disease which sometimes causes the arms to be swollen in appearance.

Michelle appeared on Dragon’s Den and received great feedback from the dragons. Michelle designed Wingz paying great detail to what women actually want when seeking to cover their arms. In particular, the bridal wingz are made to only cover the bride’s arms and not any part of the dress.

This thoughtfulness and attention to detail is what makes Wingz so likeable! The product adds style and comfort to an outfit, as shown above, is affordable and can be dyed any colour. It’s versatility makes this product one of interest for creative brides!

To find out more, you can view the full collection at Wingz.

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  1. 15th August 2015 / 6:59 pm

    I LOVE this so much! I’m plus size and it made getting a dress for prom a nightmare considering i didn’t want to show my arms, i wish i had been aware of them then!

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