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I’m in love with Duncan Croft’s Couture designs! His gowns ooze romance, glamour and elegance. Couture Bridal Gowns, particularly by Australian designers, are in demand now more than ever! With ever growing inspiration (and ever rising bridal costs) it can be so hard to know where to start. A good place to start is by thinking about how you want to feel on your big day!

I’m a fan of Duncan Croft’s work and have featured his designs on the blog previously- Duncan Croft Bridal: 2016 Collection Behind The Scenes. Duncan specialises in Haute Couture Bridal and Evening gowns. With materials sourced from all over the world, Duncan is able to talk through requirements with the bride and craft her dream gown. I now have some exclusive snaps to share with you for inspiration. Enjoy!


Bride and Groom

Bride and Groom


And the bride wore Haute Couture!

Duncan Croft Designs

Duncan Croft Designs

Duncan Croft

Duncan Croft

Edwina- Embroidered Bridal Clip Couture

Edwina- Embroidered Bridal Clip


Duncan Croft- Couture Collection

I’m a massive fan of Australian Bridal Gowns. The drama, mixed with sheer panelling, lace and extra long cathedral veils hypnotise me every time! I need to make sure I attend a Bridal Fashion Week Show when my favourite designers are in town. That’s definitely one for the bucketlist!

Thank you Duncan for sending across these gorgeous photos! These gowns are simply stunning.

What do you dolls think? Let me know in the comments!

The Bespoke Couture Experience at Duncan Croft

  1. The process begins with a sketch
  2. A preliminary calico toile of you gown is made.
  3. The team get the perfect fit and cut of the gowns structure
  4. Each gown may need 4-8 fittings in total
  5. At the final fitting, the team provide advice to your bridesmaids on how to dress you and care for your gown throughout the day.

Happy Planning!



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