Should You Celebrate Valentine’s Day?


It’s almost Valentine’s Day! Exciting, right? Well it should be. But it’s also the time of year that proves very popular with the cynics amongst us.

Yes, agreed you shouldn’t only buy gifts one day a year. No, you shouldn’t feel pressured into spending a ridiculous amount on gifts or restaurant bookings. I completely agree. However, Valentine’s day is supposed to be fun! Why wouldn’t you want to indulge in a day of romance with your boo?

I chose this photo by Jessi Caparella to demonstrate that love can be wonderful and fun in it’s simplest form. Just be together. Love each other. And don’t let the “rules” confine you. If you want to celebrate the day, for heavens sake, celebrate it! The cynics will comment regardless.

I hope you all have a wonderful day whether you choose to spend it with your loved ones, friends or family.

Happy planning!xoxo

Author: showthebride


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