Sarah Jessica Parker’s new Bridal Shoe Range

Sarah Jessica Parker's new bridal shoe collection

As bridal lovers we were dying to see our fave style goddess Sarah Jessica Parker’s new bridal shoe collection! Instantly we imagined a girly blend of Manolo Blanik, Vera Wang with a twist of Prada!

Admittedly, it is hard to separate SJP from Carrie, who will always be remembered in her dramatic Vera Wang gown (in the Sex and The City movie, for those not familiar!). Alas, we must learn to separate the two.

Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Dress

While Sarah Jessica Parker has worked hard to capture a range of shoes that will be taken seriously within the industry, the range strikes us as being too-New York-corporate-ey in a word. Princess Carrie wouldn’t be seen in these on her wedding day! Given the following SJP has amassed from playing Carrie in Sex and the City, we were confident that Sarah Jessica Parker’s new bridal shoe collection would draw inspiration from what is a girly, glitzy, fun character.




Now, these pink heels may have made the cut to the courthouse but again, this is a stretch!


Sarah Jessica Parker's new bridal shoe collection

What we’re trying, and possibly failing to articulate,  is that while these heels are ‘nice’, we miss the fun, playful and glamorous elements that Carrie would bring- were she a real person and interested in a bridal shoe range! Sarah Jessica Parker’s new bridal shoe collection feels far too stuffy for us Sex and the City fans.

What do you think? Are these too formal? Or would you wear them?

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