Terrace/ Balcony Screen DIY

When we first moved into our flat a couple of years ago, I got so carried away with mini DIY projects and interior design. Over the last few weeks I’ve really busied myself with adding a bit of style to the outside of our flat- our terrace!

I absolutely love flowers, my favourites are roses and tulips! They just instantly make me feel better when I see them. Living so close to London, outside space is pretty hard to get (and afford). For this reason, I wanted to make our terrace more usable, appealing, and almost an extension of our living room rather than just an outdoor space for smoking [I don’t smoke but I have loads of friends who do :)]. My project is still ongoing as I’m still deciding on furniture to get!


The Look
Casa Pura, Balcony Screen cover, Grey and White, under £20 from Amazon
Barcelona All-in-one Balcony Trough set, Mint, under £20 from Amazon

I’ve really enjoyed choosing my flowers, planting them and keeping them alive! I’m yet to get my tulips but I’m in love with my roses. They keep me busy on a sunday afternoon like today!

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  1. 16th August 2015 / 2:41 pm

    I love that little space! I have a flat without outside space so i’m really jealous that you have some!

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