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For many couples who are planning their wedding, the most challenging part can be choosing the perfect wedding venue. With so many beautiful places to choose from, finding the right place can be a challenge.

After lots of Googling and a couple of tours of venues, many couples start to get frustrated. It’s easy to get angry and upset when all you want is to find a perfect place, but everywhere is horrible, fully booked or out of your price range. No matter what venue trouble you’re having, we can help you.

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To make finding and choosing the perfect place that little bit easier, we’ve put together a few handy tips. Heed this advice, and we promise you wedding venue success.

Get inspired

If you’re struggling to find the perfect place, the chances are that you don’t really know what you want. Take the time to find inspiration; explore the internet, and look at different venues. To get some inspiration take a look on Pinterest, there are so many great ideas on here.

Take note of the things that you love, and the things that you aren’t so keen on. We all have different tastes, and it’s important to understand that. While some brides love traditional venues, other hate them and prefer places that are a little more contemporary. The type of place you opt to marry in should be somewhere that both you and your partner love.

Don’t write off any venues

While it’s important to know what you want from your venue, that doesn’t mean writing any off. It’s good to be selective about where you view, but it’s also important to be open to seeing places that are a little different.

Often, the most unique wedding reception venues, are the ones that we love the most. Every time you go venue viewing, see two venues that you think are perfect, and one that’s a little different. Be open to seeing places that you don’t think are for you, as you never know, an unusual venue could end up being perfect.

Do your research

Before going to see a venue, no matter how perfect it may seem, you need to do your research. There’s no point going to see somewhere that isn’t available on your chosen date or isn’t large enough for all your guests. So before booking a viewing, learn as much about the venue as possible.

Use the internet to find out the capacity of the venue, the price and the services on offer. Then, call the venue to ask any other questions that you might have, such as whether it’s free on your chosen date. It’s better to ask these things before viewing it; else you might fall in love with it but then not be able to book it.

Look past the decor

The main thing that puts most couples off when viewing wedding venues is the decor, but don’t let it put you off. Most places will allow you to put up whatever decorations you like to transform the space into your dream venue. So even if you aren’t keen on how the place looks, if it’s perfect in every other aspect, be open-minded.

The most stressful part of planning a wedding is often choosing the perfect venue. It can be hard work finding somewhere that meets all your needs, is affordable, and suitable for the style of your wedding. To make finding the ideal place a little easier, take note of the useful tips above.

Happy planning! Xoxo

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