To Veil or Not to Veil?

VeilHello, everyone. Let’s take an in-depth look at an absolute favourite bridal accessory – the veil. If you have ever been to a bridal gown fitting, then you know the time to cue the tissues is always the moment a bride tries one on for the first time. A veil is pure magic. Seemingly a simple accessory, but it has the power to completely transform the entire look.

Top Tips for Choosing a Veil

Tip #1: Seems super obvious, but consider your wedding dress. We recommend finding a dress first and then choose a style that enhances your gown. For example, look for a style that compliments a lace or beaded dress. A veil should never take centre stage or draw attention away from you and the dress.

Tip #2: Think about your hairstyle. Most veils work with down hairstyles. If you’re planning a more intricate hairstyle, choose a thin or sheer veil that won’t completely conceal your hair. It is a good idea to practice placing and fastening your veil before the big day.

Tip #3: Consider your venue. If the ceremony is taking place in a large, dramatic church, you may want to consider an elaborate veil. If you’re getting married outdoors during the windy season, the best option is a shorter length style.

Veil Styles

The task to find the perfect veil is overwhelming due to many different styles available.

You’re in luck, though – I have put together the best bridal veil styles!


A cathedral veil is the longest style. It trails behind the bride well beyond her dress.

If you are looking to create the dramatic effect, then a cathedral is the only way to go. It is also a photographer’s dream, offering the most incredible bridal pictures. Win-win!

A similar option to the cathedral is a chapel veil, and you can find a choice between the two here!

Juliet Cap

Juliet cap veils come in a variety of lengths and have the vintage look, specifically to the 1920s and 30s.

If you’re a fan of Downton Abbey and Kate Moss, the Juliet cap is the style to choose. It is perfect for a chic bride with a love of nostalgia.


Birdcage veils are short and are typically made out of netting. They cover a portion of the bride’s face, and fall above the chin.

We recommend a birdcage veil paired with a short wedding dress for the perfect vintage vibe.


Believe it or not, a fingertip veil falls at or right below the bride’s fingertips. Who would’ve thought?

It is timeless and elegant, and it really does have that “wow” factor without being over-the-top. Find the perfect fingertip style here!


Also known as a ballerina veil, the style falls below the fingertips and above the ground. It is typically knee or ankle length.

This style is perfect for brides that love the look for a long veil, but don’t want to commit to one that actually touches the ground. You won’t have to worry about someone stepping or tripping over your veil!


The mantilla veil is a style that comes in different lengths. It is typically round and lined with a lace.

Brides should pin a mantilla about two inches from her hairline so the lace trimming frames the side of the face and drapes downward. Draw attention with these mantilla veils on your big day.

Celebrity Brides Who Wore Unforgettable Veils


Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy wore an elegant tulle style to her wedding before switching over to pinned-in flowers for the reception.

VeilDuchess Kate

Kate’s wedding ensemble included a veil made of layers of soft ivory silk tulle, which was embroidered with a trim of flowers by the Royal School of Needlework.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez pulled her hair back into a chignon, embellished with fresh roses and a full-length veil of point d’esprit tulle and lace.

VeilLady Diana Spencer

Diana’s was created from 150 yards of netting that was studded with a thousand of hand-sewn sequins. It is among the most famous in history.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama’s voluminous veil was more than fit for a fashionable first lady.


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