Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Couples

Shopping for holiday gifts for couples is hard. Not only are you aiming to please two people, which makes the task twice as daunting, but you have to make sure it’s something they’ll actually use, so you don’t end up wasting money on something they’ll secretly regift or just return.

But that shouldn’t stop you from pulling out all the stops for your favorite pair, and here’s an assist to make gift-giving easier.


1. PVO Mini Projector

S’mores on the bonfire, a throw blanket across their laps, and a new movie for them to watch together on a big screen—what’s more romantic than that? This mini projector will turn any wall into a movie theater screen.


2. 100 Dates Scratch Off Poster

Art for that bare wall and activities to stave off boredom? Yes, please! It’s a budget-friendly buy and basically guarantees months of fun for couples and stories to hear the next time you hang out.


3. Nintendo Switch

The couple that loves a li’l friendly competition will have a hard time giving their Nintendo Switch a break. If you want to throw a game in there too, try Mario Tennis Aces. They’ll have fun taking each other down in one-on-one matches.


4. Personalised Couple Print

Pick the hair color, style, clothes, and skintone to match your friends perfectly. This sweet drawing is one they will certainly cherish.



5. Mini Instant Camera

The latest Instax automatically selects the optimal shutter speed in any environment and is able to capture bright backgrounds and subjects even in low light conditions. Plus, it has a one-touch selfie mode so the lovebirds on your list can get adorable snaps every date night. Don’t forget to throw in some extra film to keep the memories printing away.


6. Echo Dot

The latest model of the go-to smart speaker will help any couple streamline their routine and to-do lists, and avoid unnecessary squabbles. It has a digital clock and is equipped with Alexa, who’s at the ready to respond to their every command.

7. Couples: Conversation Starters for Great Relationships

They might think that they’ve talked about it all — but this card deck will show them otherwise. Each card features a thought-provoking question — some spicier than others — to inspire deeper conversations.

8. Vintage Style Personalised Photo Album

Here’s a fun way to display their most treasured memories. Browse through their Instagram or Facebook to come up with 10 of their best snapshots, then send to this Etsy maker who will create a literal highlight reel.


9. Date Night Box

The next time they’re having a chill night at home, they can whip out this board game and, well, heat things up. It starts off with standard question-and-answer cards, then things take a spicy turn when the activities and challenges come out.


10. Personalised Cutting Board

No matter if they’re newlyweds building their first home or “oldyweds” in need of an upgrade, this light or dark wood cutting board makes a special addition to their kitchen, especially since it comes engraved with the couple’s last name and anniversary date.



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