Wedding Cakes On The High Street

Every bride wants the perfect cake to cut and devour on their wedding day. The most popular requirements typically include multiple tiers, delicious, soft icing, and an elegant design. This is usually associated with a price in excess of £500. Sound like the current cakes you’re looking at? What if I told you that you could still achieve the perfect cake but for much less?

High Street favourite, Marks and Spencer, offer a beautiful range of wedding cakes at affordable prices- think affordable luxury. Prices vary but as an example you can pick up a beautiful three tiered creation for just under £300 currently.

Depending on the flavours you and your groom to be like, M&S’s range includes traditional fruit cake, Victoria sponge, chocolate and lemon cake. You can also design your own with M&S.

Rose Cake

Rose Cake

I’ve always despised fruit cake and I knew that I definitely didn’t want to eat it at my wedding. I wanted either a Victoria sponge or one with a different flavour per tier.
I think it was maybe six months before our Big Day that I discovered the wedding collection at M&S. I remember my eyes almost popping out of my face and my heart racing that bit faster. Probably sounds crazy, right? Well let me share with you why this discovery was so momentous in my wedding planning journey!
Every year, for probably my entire life, I’ve always had a Victoria Sponge with jam and buttercream birthday cake from M&S. Sure, I have ordered birthday cakes from Hummingbird, Lola’s Cupcakes and others in the past, but a year has not gone by where I have not also had my favourite from M&S! Everybody knows this. It’s a tradition at this point! So imagine my excitement at eating my favourite flavoured cake, my favourite recipe (their jam and buttercream cakes are something else), on my our wedding day.
Our Cake!

Our Cake!

Ta Da! This was the gem we ended up getting from M&S as our main cake. As soon as I told my mum, she understood, and got us the most beautiful Victoria Sponge. She even helped me pick the design. In fact, mum went so overboard with the wedding that we ended up with three – The four tiered Victoria Sponge pictured from M&S and a white chocolate one and a traditional fruitcake (for the oldies) from a traditional wedding baker.
My mum definitely outdid herself with the table too. Everyone loved it. Most importantly though, I we ate what I we wanted to eat on the day and we still made sure we catered to all the oldies that would normally turn their noses up at a Victoria Sponge at a Wedding and everyone else on the day as well.
Our cake table
We also had cupcakes! These were made by a beautiful Parisian patisserie that my mum loves. They went down a treat, especially in the evening when people needed an energy boost from all the dancing (lol).
So, these are my favourite picks from the M&S range:


The birdcage

Ribbon cake



White Chocolate Ribbons


Embroidered Lace






So the moral of the story is, find a cake you Love. Life is too short for bland cake!
Happy planning!! Xoxoxo

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    • 23rd February 2016 / 4:45 pm

      Thanks Vanessa! We really loved our cake. So important that you choose what you and hubby to be will like 🙂 x

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