Wedding Photography: What You Need To Consider


One of the most important parts of your wedding planning is, without doubt, finding the perfect photographer. It’s your wedding photographer who will capture snippets of your wedding that you and your loved ones can look back on for many years to come. That’s why it’s so important that when it comes to choosing a photographer, that you make the right choice. The question is, how do you go about it?


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Get inspiration

First things first, to find the most amazing photographer, you need to get a little inspiration. Each photographer works in a different style, and it’s important to understand that. That’s why getting inspiration before you choose a wedding photographer is so important. As this will allow you to choose someone who works in the correct style.

Browse wedding websites and Pinterest to get an idea of the different photography styles. Any pictures that you like the look of save, so that you can use them to help you choose a wedding photography style. While some photographers are happy to mix and match different styles, most work in one niche.


Research like crazy

Once you’ve found a style of wedding photography that you like, the next step is to research it like mad. What you want to do is find as many photographers as possible that work in your chosen style, so that you can pick the best one.

You can also ask friends and relatives what photographers they’ve used. Such as wedding photographer, Lesley Meredith, who specializes in a range of styles. To get a feel for each photographer’s style, ask to see your friend’s wedding album.  

Meet them face to face

Once you’ve found a photographer that you like the sound of, the next step is to arrange to meet them. It’s important to meet with your photographer before the wedding so that you can ensure that you feel comfortable around them. Plus, meeting with them beforehand will give you a chance to discuss what photos you would like taken.

If you have certain shots that you definitely want, such as poses with different family members, write a list of them. That way you can tell your photographer exactly what it is that you want. So that come your wedding day, all the most important photos are captured. Make sure that you give your photographer a list of family shots, to ensure that there are pictures of all your nearest and dearest.

Have a practice shoot


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A great way to get comfortable with your photographer is by planning a practice shoot. This will give you the chance to see how they work and get an idea of how long each shot will take. Plus, you’ll get some gorgeous pre-wedding pictures of your and your husband-to-be.

The best thing about pre-wedding shoots is that you can get an idea of what works and what doesn’t. You might have an idea in mind for a pose, but then after looking at your pre-wedding pictures, decide that it’s not right. Getting your wedding photos right is crucial, and it’s important to understand that. Take the tips and advice above into account and you can ensure that the most beautiful shots of your wedding are taken.

Happy planning!! xoxo

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