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Wedding Planning Guide - Wedding To Do List - Wedding Download PDF GuideA few weeks ago we launched two new Wedding Planning downloads over on Show The Bride and the response has been phenomenal! So many of you supported, shared and downloaded! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Here at Show the Bride, we’re continually trying to find ways to better our brides-to-be and get you started on the right path to planning the wedding of your dreams. And you certainly deserve just that. A wedding just like the one you’ve always imagined! Recently, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the wedding industry and weddings. We’ve heard conflicting reports from even top-notch medical institutions and things still seem a bit bleak at the moment. It is totally understandable if in light of all these you have chosen to hold off on your ceremony for a bit. This will enable you to plan appropriately so that you do not put you and your loved ones in danger. The one thing that could help at this point is a wedding planner. You can’t navigate this on your own, and their valuable input will help you in making the right decisions at this time. A recent study has shown that around 10-15% of couples in the UK opt for the services of a wedding planner (primary source: UKAWP). This number will go even higher this year and beyond because of the pandemic. That’s why we’ve decided to launch these two new helpful wedding planning downloads alongside our services. They are:

Wedding Planning Guide - Wedding To Do List - Wedding Download PDF Guide Costing only £0.99 and developed over eight years, this downloadable planner includes planning advice and tips that will put a couple on the right path towards a successful wedding. It contains crucial helpful information on budget planning, cost-saving tips. Even seating plan templates are included! It’s the perfect tool to make the planning process manageable for you as a couple, and you’ll be glad you got it.

Wedding E-Card - Postponed Wedding - COVID19 - Wedding Delay The pandemic has brought a lot of disappointments with it, and if you’re caught in this position, we’d like to let you know that you are not alone. We’re here for you, and we will all get through this. Communicating is very important in these times and getting information across to your guests is very important. As soon as you know for sure that you have to postpone, it would be best if you communicated the same to your guests. That’s why we’ve provided a downloadable wedding e-cards from our Postponed for Now range which helps you do just that. You can get it at only £0.50.


Both wedding planning downloads are super easy to download and you can use these right away! They are available for very low one off donations- these help to keep the site running and enable us to bring you so much more content! We have so much more planned for you over the coming months so do keep an eye out for all of our new posts! It’s our mission to make this site the best tool to support you in planning your dream day!


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Download our helpful Wedding Planning Guide which includes a comprehensive wedding checklist, budget planner and more today! Our Guide has helped so many bride to be over the years and we want this to be more accessible to even more brides. For this reason we’ve made the Guide available to download for only £0.99! Yes, you read that right! And for information on our Wedding Planning Pay-As-You-Go service, and how this can help you prioritise and plan the key elements surrounding your day, get in touch today!

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