Wedding video of the week! Spotlight on Melo Ns

Two of the most important decisions in the whole wedding planning process are choosing the right photographer and the right videographer to capture eternal memories of your big day. Now that I’m in the early stages of planning, I have both my eyes and my ears open for recommendations/referrals! Photography by Melo NS In my first post I talked about our engagement party being like a mini-wedding. So many things happened that day- so many memories and events- that it was literally a whirlwind of a day. One of our friends captured our first dance and I’m so grateful because watching the film back allowed me to- virtually, at least- go back in time and relive that moment. I want to remember our wedding day for the rest of my life and I want to be able to share our memories with our kids one day. I came across this wedding video this week- Dan and Milly Smithard. Milly and I went to Sixth form together and actually got engaged around the same time. I’m so impressed that they were able to plan such a beautiful wedding in just a year. The video was shot by photographer/videographer Melo Ns. His brand is called Media Evolution. Enjoy and be inspired Melo NS’s Facebook page can be found here: More pictures from the big day; taken by Melo NS.

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