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Happy New Year Dolls!! 2018 is upon us and I am determined to make sure it is an amazing year for me, STB and all my future endeavours. I hope you’ll be motivated to make this your year too and am thankful for your support of STB thus far. We can only get better!! Please join me in welcoming back Nathalie from In this post, Nathalie talks us through her top 5 gifts for new husbands. If you like what you see, head over to Nathalie’s blog to show some love and read more of her posts.

Hello STBers, it’s Nathalie again and I am thrilled to be featured by the lovely Lordine once more! Almost as excited as I am to see her return to blogging, have you seen the recent Daydreamer collection round up? You need to – it is unreal.
We’re still in the festive period (almost) and believe it or not, we’re in the early stages of wedding season! There is something so magical and romantic about this season that always has me energised. And it is even more exciting if this is your wedding is this year! If you are a little bewildered as to what to get your new husband (OMG), there’s no need to worry because here are some fantastic gifting ideas from a now seasoned veteran.

Alternative Artwork
Alternative Artwork

Photographs don’t have to be of a special day, what about an inside joke or something you both love? For example, I gifted my husband a photographic print of Withnail and I for our first Christmas and he loved it. We went to see a re-run at the Duke of York’s cinema in Brighton when we were first dating many moons ago and the lovely print now sits proudly above our sofa as a reminder of happy times. It also makes for a great conversation starter at our dinner parties!

Unforgettable Experiences

Unforgettable Experiences

Let the surprise be a thrilling one this year with an amazing experience day! If your other half is a petrol-head, why not try an incredible driving experience? Fulfil his dreams of standing on the podium next to Lewis Hamilton with a Formula 1 day, alternatively take it to the wild with an off-road driving experience.
If they are not huge driving fans, there are plenty of other opportunities like cooking classes to help him embrace the Jamie Oliver within or quite possibly the Gordon Ramsey! If he is a sports fanatic, why not a trip around the home sports grounds of his favourite sports team? Earn extra brownie points with a tour with a twist like exploring Wembley stadium by walking along the famous arch – brilliant for sports obsessed adrenaline junkies!

Traditional Touches

If your other half isn’t all for tight walking Wembley stadium or handbrake spins around Silverstone, smaller, more traditional and thoughtful gifts also speak volumes. Is he a workaholic? Something sleek, stylish and useful like a beautiful watch or a watch winder for an existing timepiece will make great gifts for watch lovers and workaholics alike who never want to be late for dinner or a meeting!
Socks are also traditional Christmas staples and one can never have too many socks, they are also perfect and easy stocking fillers. Timeless pieces like reminiscent photographs gifted in beautiful frames are always a great way to stir up old and cherished memories like your recent wedding day or the day you first met!

Sentimental Treasures


Of course, a present for your loved one doesn’t have to be expensive or adrenaline fuelled, so what about a thoughtful memory box? Collect all your favourite pictures, trinkets and treasures from your life since your big day to create a little box your partner can dive into whenever he is feeling nostalgic. If you have a habit of collecting little things like leaves and ticket stubs from places the two of you have been, they would be perfect for a memory box!

For Him…and You!

These cheeky presents are a lovely way to show appreciation this Christmas… for both of you! Of course, you don’t have to tell him it’s for you too! After shopping like mad for Christmas and cooking a feast fit for a Nigella herself, why not gift a couple’s massage session to unwind whilst spending quality time together. Swedish massages are incredible for full body muscle relaxation. However, if you are looking for something more sensual try aromatherapy. This is known to promote relaxation through releasing scented oils, which are said to have healing properties.
Hopefully this lovely gift list will have you inspired and super excited for gifting this Christmas. However, even more important than presents this Christmas should be about spending quality time with each other and enjoying your first Christmas as a married couple.

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