Moody Wedding Trends for The Alternative Bride!

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Weddings are traditionally white, light and serene, and whilst I love a romantic and whimsical celebration, the growing trend for brides-to-be to embrace moodier themes for their big day has really captured my attention. These aren’t Halloween-themed or gothic weddings but involve the subtle introduction of darker hues into aspects like bouquets, cakes and make-up injecting a touch of mystery to the romance. Guest blogger, Nat, has prepared another cracking post for STB detailing this trend in all its glory!

The photography of this gorgeous trend on Instagram is making me want to get married all over again! For all those thinking about incorporating a little dark sophistication into their celebrations (I’m not jealous at all), here are some ways I have come across to include darker accents and bring a moody yet classy edge to your big day.

Bridal Gowns
bridal gown 1
Photo credit: Claire Morris Photography

It is relatively uncommon for a bride to wear black or dark colours on her wedding day, however not unheard of as this trend is a stunning testament to. For this style, some brides will be wearing traditional gowns in jet blacks, deep reds and charcoal greys. Others opt for a deep coloured tulle or black lace to add another dimension and a focal point to their outfit. What I love about this trend, is that you can take it as far as you like, going full head to toe black or simply adding depth and something a little different to a traditional bridal dress.

Bridal Bouquets
bridal bouquet
Photo credit: Southern California Bride

A staple to any bride’s outfit is the beautiful bunch of flowers she carries with her down the aisle. Mixing it up a little with darker hues of purple and burgundy scattered amongst weathered pastels will complement any blushing bride’s bouquet. These types of arrangements stray away from the traditional bright and light bouquets and are perfect for an Autumn or Winter wedding. The deep romantic shades are something to consider if you are wanting something that stands out whilst adding some warmth to your overall look. Brides have been opting flowers that come in darker shades like dahlias and peonies, as these beautifully deep and vibrant colours look stunning combined with ivory blooms.

Bouquets aren’t the only wedding flowers going moody. A recent trend has seen wonderfully fairy-like flower crowns take centre stage. Some of these natural tiaras use delicate flowers to add a little wild flair to a bridal look. With the addition of darker tones, it has a real rawness that is perfect for those looking to incorporate an earthy element into their big day.

Bridal Beauty
Photo credit: Ashley Rae Photography

Walking down the aisle means all eyes on the bride, no pressure! Nearly every bride-to-be I have spoken to, including myself, have been concerned about their big beauty look for their special day. Many want to keep it minimal, fresh and glowy however with this moody trend, we have seen beautifully bold looks start to dominate the wedding scene. Sporting dark make up provides a perfect opportunity for any bride wanting to add a stunning pop to her whole outfit.

Of course, it is super important to have a clear base and if you are not blessed with already flawless skin, *ahem* like me, then you should start a skin routine way before the build up to the big day. Determine your skin type and make sure to use high quality skin care products that nourish your skin. After all, if you are to be rocking a deep lip shade or smouldering smokey eyes, it is important you are confident with your face base!

To make this look stand out, I would recommend sticking to one pop of dark colour on your face. Deep red lips are a beautiful addition to any bridal look, you could even match your lip colour to your flower crown! Or you could go with a purply toned eyeshadow look and a nude lip. Both are great options for those looking to draw attention to their favourite facial features.

These are only a few of the ways you could be introducing lovely dark shades into your big day without over doing it. Many couples are now experimenting with moodier trends and I can see why. The darker accents add an air of sophistication to ivory and pastel palettes, which is almost reflective of natural surroundings. It used to be a theme many brides steered away from, but these Victorian-esque schemes have become super popular, and I am looking forward to seeing more moody weddings through 2018!

Happy Planning!! xoxox

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