Plan an Elegant Wedding – Attention to Detail

Planning an elegant wedding

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It’s easy to accept ideas and services for your wedding when you are in a rush to get everything organised in time. But if you can spare the time to give greater attention to the details, you may be on track for a very beautiful wedding. The better you can plan your wedding details in advance, the more chance you have of everything being as elegant as you always dreamed!   Planning an elegant wedding Start by creating an ideas board or scrapbook. This can be done with magazine cut-outs or online with services like Pinterest. As you find ideas and images that you would like for your wedding, pop them on your board as a reference for later. Over just a few days or weeks, you could have enough to consider. Now it’s time to whittle them down. Here are some key ideas of what to look for if you want an elegant wedding this year:   Venue Look for a reception venue with a room that is already in good decorative order. Take a look at their catalogue to see how other weddings looked there. Attend the venue in person, and take photos of where your wedding will be held. The grounds should also make an elegant backdrop for your wedding photos.   Picture by dee   If your chosen venue is managing the catering, ask to see how the dishes are presented. A buffet of sandwiches, crisps and curry in a bowl doesn’t necessarily cut it for an elegant wedding (you may disagree). Instead, attention to the presentation of the food is important. The dishes, napkins, and tableware should be high quality and clean. The staff serving the food should also be well presented. A sit-down meal is considered the most elegant way to celebrate your union.   Invitations Once the venue and ceremony are booked, your wedding date is set. You can decide who you would like to attend your big day. The wedding invitation should act as a teaser for the event itself. Therefore, if you want an elegant wedding, choose elegant wedding stationery. The most elegant crafted invitations are often laser cut wedding invites that open up to reveal beautifully ornate text.   Picture by RoganJosh   The invitation is also your chance to let guests know what is expected of them. You can detail the preferred dress style. If you would like the women to wear wedding hats and fascinators, let them know. You can also detail your registration for gifts. Finally, let the guests know the timings for events and arrivals. There should be contact details for the RSVP too.   Dress One of the most important parts of any wedding is the dress. Look for designers that specialise in the cut and style you are most interested in. To look elegant, always choose a dress that suits your body shape. This will help to avoid any odd looking fit or accents in the wrong places. If you can’t find a dress that you love, why not ask a local designer or dressmaker to help you.   Picture by Madlyn   Ornate decorations like patterns, corseting, and crystals can add to the elegance of your wedding dress. You could also add a veil or tiara to finish off the look. Shoes are rarely seen under the skirts of your wedding dress. Even so, look for medium height heels and a silk finish to your wedding shoes. These are often closed toe unless your wedding is to be held on the beach.

Plan an elegant wedding

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Decor Decorating your venue is one of the most difficult and rushed jobs of all. This is why so many couples pay the extra for the venue to provide the decor. However, managing the decor yourself means you can get exactly the look you are going for. Many venues will not allow you access to the room until the morning of the wedding. This means you will need some good friends or decorators to manage this task for you.

Plan an elegant wedding

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Picture by mensatic   Garlands and sashes are very elegant ways to create a beautiful look for your room. Fresh flowers aren’t always necessary, and nowadays it’s said that silk ones are hard to tell apart from the real thing and actually last longer. The centrepieces are the most important part of the decor. They will provide the focus of attention for your guests during the reception. Elegant dishes with floral displays are very popular. Finally, dress the chairs with covers. You can hire these from specialist companies.

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Classic Wedding Car

Your wedding day is the day when you will be at your most beautiful. You also want everything else around you to be beautiful too. An elegant wedding is about the quality of appearance for your venue and everything in it. It’s worth taking your time to consider all the little details, like the First Dance, the cake, and the wedding car too. Have a beautiful day and happy planning!! xoxo Let’s get social! Follow Show The Bride on social media now by simply clicking below. Instagram: @showthebride Twitter: @showthebride Facebook: @showthebride Snapchat: showthebride   Download our helpful Wedding Planning Guide which includes a comprehensive wedding checklist, budget planner and more today! Our Guide has helped so many bride to be over the years and we want this to be more accessible to even more brides. For this reason we’ve made the Guide available to download for only £0.99!   Yes, you read that right! And for information on our Wedding Planning Pay-As-You-Go service, and how this can help you prioritise and plan the key elements surrounding your day, get in touch today! Happy planning!! xoxox  

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