Nu Colour Mascara Review

Mascara is a staple product amongst us women. I don’t know many women who can say that they never wear mascara. Now, the eyes are the windows to your soul (so they say) and I want my windows to have dressings that are long lasting, full and voluminous. By dressings, I mean my lashes! I’ve been reviewing the Nu Colour Curl Enhancing, Lenghtening, Vitamin B conditioning Mascara.

If, like me, you have lashes that are long but fine, you’ll be used to constantly trying the latest miracle mascaras to give you full, healthy looking lashes. You may even rely on falsies on the odd night out or wear lash extensions daily. There’s nothing wrong with this, in the sense that this is your choice and you have every right to make this choice. But what I will say is I haven’t had the best experience with lash extensions.

A few weeks ago I had lash extensions done. I asked for them to be subtle (I work in the City so I don’t want to look “unprofessional”) and I was really impressed with the results. I didn’t need to wear mascara for about two/three weeks and I received a lot of compliments about them. The downside is that once they’d all eventually fallen out I realised that my lashes had snapped at the tips meaning they were shorter *cue very sad face*. I don’t know if this is because my lashes are thin but this has been a set back for me as I really like having long lashes. I’ve been applying coconut oil every night to keep them conditioned and trigger growth.

So anyway, it almost seemed like fate when this Nu Skin mascara came through the post. I’d read great reviews from other beauty bloggers and seen posts on social media about the benefits of using the Nu Skin  mascara, which includes:

  • Contains Vitamin B for conditioning lashes
  • Curved Brush curls and lengthens lashes (all lashes)
  • Lightweight formula (less clumping)
  • Longlasting (lasts all day)
One eye with Nu Colour Curl Enhancing Mascara Applied

Close Up

As you can see, you can barely see my lashes on the right of the pic (promise you they’re there!). My left eye looks more open, and the windows to my soul look more attractive! What I love most about the Nu Skin mascara, (other than it’s luxurious design) is the fact that it doesn’t clump! I also love the fact that I can wear this all day without it smudging or eventually running into my eyes.


Both eyes have Nu Colour Curl Enhancing Mascara applied- No clumping 🙂

This is my new miracle product! I’ll continue to apply coconut oil at night for the next few weeks to encourage growth but during the day I’ll be wearing, and relying on, Nu Colour to disguise my shortened lashes and keep them conditioned.

At just over £24 this is a bargain. I’ve sworn off Lash Extensions and until mine are back to normal, this will be my go to item in my make up bag. P.s. my “glow” is also down to my skincare routine which I discussed in my last post, Products To Add To Your Beauty Regime. If you have any questions about the Nu Skin products I use, or would like to order any, just e-mail If, like me, you also love a strip lash, try out BBox 3D Mink Fur Lashes. At £10 they’re a great price and the quality is amazing. I should know as I’ve designed them myself 🙂

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Happy planning dolls!

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