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*New Vlog alert* Have you ever been tempted by designer bridal gifts? Ever spent more-than-you’d-be-comfortable-saying-in-public on them? What if I told you that you can still get your hands on quality designer goods without breaking the bank too much? I visited Xupes, an online boutique specialising in pre-owned designer goods to discuss bridal gift ideas for the Bride and Groom. Surrounded by diamond engagement rings, Chanel and Céline handbags, I couldn’t wait to hear more!

Engagement rings

I had a fantastic time at Xupes and captured all the details and tips discussed on camera. I tried on some beautiful engagement rings and discussed designing engagement rings [for the creative Groom or Bride]. This isn’t actually something I’d considered. There are so many cuts out there to fall in love with that I didn’t feel the need to design my own. But I think that if you have something specific in mind for yourself, or your partner as a special gift, go for it.


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Designer watches

Buying your husband-to-be a designer watch as a wedding gift is a fast growing trend. Imagine his surprise opening up this thoughtful gift from you to him on the wedding morning. If nothing else, he’ll be sure to be on time!

Buying a designer watch for the bride-to-be is a popular option too. Personally, I’d prefer a diamond bracelet or earrings.


Designer Handbags 

With so many realistic looking knock-offs, it’s so important to be careful where you purchase your designer goods from. Try and see the item before you buy. What I love about the Xupes experience is thatyou can make an appointment and go and see the item you have your eye on before you buy. They’ve done their research and they can guarantee that the item is authentic.


Check out my sit down Q&A with Xupes. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel today!

Happy planning!! xoxo

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