Style Faves of the Week 07.10.2018

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Hey guys and dolls, I’m back with another Bridal Style post- Style Faves of the Week!
I’m always interested in finding out more about my readers and where you guys are from. This week I’ve been focusing on my blog and social media insights. I’m finding that my international following is now overtaking my UK following- for example,on Instagram I now have more US followers than UK followers! (So good morning to you guys!).

I’m also excited to see that my Australasian and African following has increased significantly this year- I hope my style posts continue to appeal to you all. I love featuring brides, weddings and designers from all over the globe. This week’s style faves includes some amazing Ozzie designers that I’m excited to feature- I’ve previously featured Orenda Creations and Duncan Croft Bridal, as well as a number of other Ozzie designers.


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Dress by Warrick Gautier

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Dress by Martina Lian Bridal

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Dress by Liz Martinez Bridal

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Dress by Liz Martinez Bridal

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Dress by Lian Rokman

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Dress by Lian Rokman

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Gowns by Adrianna Papell

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Happy Planning!! xoxox

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