His and Her Bathrooms: A Growing Trend

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Do you and your other half find yourselves squabbling over space at the sink or battling for the bathroom mirror? If so, you’re not alone! In fact, the plight of cohabiting couples has spawned a bathroom trend all of it’s own in the form of the ‘his and her’ bathroom. While it’s not uncommon to see dual sinks and double mirrors in hotel rooms, developers are increasingly factoring in twice as many fixtures and fittings when installing modern bathrooms. So, what’s fuelling the trend and is it time you made your bathroom into a space more fit for two?

The context behind the concept

His and her bathrooms aren’t an entirely new concept on the design horizon. They have seemingly taken on a new twist in recent years as they’ve found a happy partner in the form of the resurgence in retro glamour in bathroom spaces.

In 2013 the Wall Street Journal charted the rise of the luxury living trend in the US. In 2014, Sir Michael Caine went a step further by telling the Telegraph he believed the secret to a happy marriage was to have separate bathrooms entirely. His reasoning? He bemoaned the fact that when you share “you have a little tiny corner with a razor and a toothbrush in it, and you never get in there.”

While many dream of the bathroom being a calm, relaxing haven, when two or more people with different bathing priorities and bathroom etiquette regular compete for use of the space, there’s the potential for it to become more minefield than serene and spa like. For opposite sex couples there’s the age-old war over whether the toilet seat ought to go up or down.

Other sticking points that can become sore points are leaving the toothpaste top off, not replacing the toilet roll and let’s not forget using razors that don’t belong to you and not cleaning them or rinsing the bathroom when you’ve been shaving too (eeeeew!).

Some of us like to keep a strict separation between hand towels and bath sheets while others are happy enough to grab whatever is at hand, irrespective of whether this leaves only a soaking wet offering or even no towel at all for the next unsuspecting person who pays the room a visit.  And then of course there’s the small matter of helping used towels on their way to the laundry hamper where one half of a couple can frequently more dedicated to the activity than the other. If any of these niggles strike a chord with your own home situation, just how could a bathroom made for two help?

Applying duality in design

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Unfortunately we don’t all have enough space to have a bathroom each. And, while those who are in the lucky position to have the choice of a washroom for her and him will undoubtedly benefit from having fewer rows about who’s turn it is to use the bathroom along with fewer quarrels over toilet seat positions, toilet papers and less than fresh towels, there’s small comfort perhaps that they may still suffer when their partner or spouse uses all the water in one go.

The more affordable option is simply where possible, to accommodate fixtures and fittings for two. Dual sinks and basins are no longer a hard to find feature with compact options available for smaller bathrooms too. To create a vanity area fit for two, combine the dual sink of your choice with an under sink storage area to accommodate a towel collection for each cohabitee and finish with a mirror and light at each side. While you could choose to keep your products stored at the side of each sink by doing so you run the risk of feeling rage by witnessing uncapped toothpaste or leaving your products (and razor) in the line of temptation when they are on open display. Better then to consider stylish dual cabinets. If space is an issue, places like Bella Bathrooms sell tall and corner cabinet designs that can help save you some inches. You may not have room to fit two showers and doubling up on toilets would surely lead to some unusual bathroom trips but doubling up on other fixtures and fittings could help you and your partner see eye to eye early in the morning.

Of course, quibbles about cleaning could still arise and if a rota really doesn’t work for you, you may have to take a deep breath or start saving for a cleaner!

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