5 Ways To Get Bikini Ready This Summer!

Bikini Ready

Beach Ready

Despite the miserable weather in the UK, I can assure you that we are now officially in the Summer months! Now is the time to immerse yourselves in your Summer wardrobes, make picnic plans, go to rooftop bars, book a last minute getaway if you haven’t already! Fun times right? Until you realise you’ve been pigging out for months, abusing your body because you’ve been tricked by our crappy weather into believing that Summer is months off. Don’t fret! There is time! 

I’m so lucky to have escaped away on holiday to Ibiza this month. The sun was out, the drinks were flowing and the people were lovely! Here are some tips on how I got Bikini ready.


Cardio is essential if you want to burn fat quickly. Try to incorporate at least 20 minutes of Cardio per day into your routine. This could be a 20 minute brisk walk, a 20 minute jog, or a 20 minute circuit.

If you fancy joining the gym but you’re worried about pricing, have a look at bargain memberships at chains like The Gym and Pure Gym. Memberships start from about £20.

In the run up to my wedding, I was working away from home so it was hard to get into the gym. I became a fan of doing exercise DVDs in my hotel room. A favourite of mine was the Ultimate Fat Burn Workout by Denise Austin. Be prepared. This workout will make you sweat!

2.Drink Plenty of Water

Along with your new routine, you’ll also need to drink plenty of water. Water will keep you hydrated and will also flush away any toxins.

If you’re like me, you’ll probably prefer to wear lighter make up in the Summer months. So it’s important to look after your skin. Improve your skin from the inside out by committing to drinking more water and enjoy your Summertime glow!


We tend to eat more in the colder months, hence the general panic to lose weight as Summer approaches! Try, try, try to avoid junk food. And Carbs!! Especially Pasta and Rice as these tend to cause bloating.

You can make some positive changes such as drinking Green Tea to help with bloating and to also flush out any unwanted toxins. Cut down on body negatives such as sugar and salt also.


Exfoliating is such an important part of getting your body bikini ready. I personally love a good body scrub to scrub away dead skin, reduce any cellulite or the appearance of stretch marks and leave my skin feeling silky and smooth. My personal favourite is a Coffee Scrub I make at home. The smell is gorgeous and it leaves my skin feeling so soft. Exfoliating before any grooming also reduces your chances of getting ingrown hairs.

5.Personal Grooming

Don’t forget to take care of any unwanted hairs before you get your Bikini out. Waxing tends to be a popular option, as does hair removing creams. Veet, for example, now do a Bikini Area kit which comes with a brush applicator for ease.

Another option is to use a Bikini Trimmer. Unlike shaving, you can avoid a number of negative reactions, such as:

  • ingrown hairs;
  • irritation;
  • bumps; and
  • redness.

If you’re going away for more than just a few days, it’s a good idea to take some Veet or a Bikini Trimmer with you so that you can ensure that your Bikini area is well groomed.

Now you’re bikini ready. Enjoy!


Here are a couple of snaps from my holiday:




Ibiza Sunset


Fingers crossed we have a more upbeat British Summer in the coming weeks!


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