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Source: The Berta Bridal Muse Collection Page

If you’re a bride looking for the perfect wedding dress then you’re in the right place. Making brides look their best on their wedding is our passion. We believe that on your wedding day, you should be stunning. That’s why we’re always searching for the best brands in the industry and bringing them to you. We bring one of such brands to you in this article. It is the Berta Bridal brand. A top-notch brand that is reckoned with in the bridal and evening wear fashion industry, this brand has a lot to offer.


The Brand

If you’re a luxury bride looking for a unique wedding gown, then you must have heard of Berta Bridal. With a follower count of about 2.6 million on Instagram, a search for quality wedding gowns will certainly unearth some Berta gowns. If you haven’t started your search yet then permit us to introduce you to one of the top bridal gown brands in the world. Known for its high quality, uniqueness and premium finishing, Berta is one of the most praised bridal brands in the world.


We’ve even had celebrities in the UK like Nieve Jennings a former Miss UK wear this brand! If you’re wondering why Berta Bridal has so much prestige, it’s because of how thoughtful and unique these dresses are. Berta Bridal has an artistic approach to fashion which is fresh and captivating. The luxurious fabrics used in the dresses are imported from fashion capitals all around the world. This is how you know that quality is not compromised with these dresses at all. They then go through a handmade development process in Berta’s studio. This ensures that the brand consistently has new and unique texture of fabrics for the line of bridal dresses.

Berta Bridal Three Lines

The Three Gorgeous Line Berta Bridal has to offer. Source: Berta Bridal Retailers Page

That isn’t all. These dresses are so unique and were quite different from what the world was used to when the designs first came on the scene. This led to much success for the brand; loved by social media and currently one of the hottest names on the bridal fashion scene.


When you wear a Berta Bridal gown, you won’t feel like the average bride. The fabric, the cut, the fit and silhouette will all fall into place. These exquisite gowns have a bold, sexy and modern fit that incorporates vintage materials and retro styles. Wearing one of these gowns at your wedding is an unbeatable experience. The silhouettes available for this brand include the mermaid, fit and flare, column and trumpet.


The Designer

Berta Balilti is an Israeli who is the sole designer for the Berta Bridal brand. She very qualified too and studied fashion at the Shenkar College of Engineering and Design in Tel Aviv. Berta Balilti founded the fashion house in Ashdod, Israel in 2004. It has since then grown to an international fashion house with three gorgeous lines and more than 100 retailers.


Berta’s son-in-law is the fashion house director and founded the international fashion house. This hasn’t stopped Berta from being involved however. She still oversees the entire production processes in her studio to this day. After she started her bridal fashion line, she quickly rose to stardom. Brides, fashion editors, veterans and even critics were impressed.


Her bridal and evening wear designs are found in the most top-notch circles. Berta Balilti is now very highly respected in the fashion industry worldwide. Her designs are constantly featured in the likes of ELLE and VOGUE. Berta Bridal wedding gowns often range between £5000-£7000 and they’re worth every penny. Here are some samples of Berta Dresses that we love: Berta Bridal Dakota Dress- 0O7A5713 Berta Bridal Dakota Dress From the Barcelona Collection Berta Bridal Grmaine Dress 21-39-Grmaine.1-scaled Berta Bridal Grmaine Dress from the MUSE SS 21 Collection Berta Bridal Charlotte Dress 0O7A6539 Berta Bridal Charlotte Dress from the City of Angels Collection


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