Bridal Box- the first bridal focused beauty collection in the UK

Bridal Box has officially launched guys and dolls! Bringing the UK’s first bridal beauty gift box, make-up and accessories collection online!

Bridal Box by Lordine Marie is a young vibrant collection, comprising of high pigment make-up, quality cosmetics and accessories. 

The colour choices and items have been inspired by Bridal looks and Haute Couture Bridal Fashion. Designed by a former Bride (moi!) after experiencing a lack of easily accessible choice within the UK market for brides.

Bridal Box has only been around since November 2019, yet the brand now has customers in the UK, US, Italy and Sweden too! Just over 6 months in and Bridal Box now has a partnership with Prezola under its belt, a feature in Bride Magazine and Surrey Magazine, products listed on Amazon and Etsy as well as other bridal collaborations in the pipeline. It’s an exciting time for Bridal Box and 2020 will be an incredible year for growth.

So why bridal beauty and accessories? Because both are key to any amazing wedding look! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! Your wedding make-up look is a huge part of your big day and accessories complete your look! So have a quick browse through some of the bestsellers from my Bridal Box range! As part of my COVID-19 Stay at home and beat the disease together, you can get 30% off the whole Bridal Box collection whilst we’re in lockdown. Just use code Together at checkout.

I’m so proud of myself being able to work full time, run this blog and also run Bridal Box. As a small business, I would love it if you could share my content and my Bridal Box products with your network. The Bridal Box collection ranges in price from £10-£100. As well as being the creator of the first Bridal Beauty Gift Box, (with a value of £160 but retailing at £100) the range also includes beautiful lace and crystal Bridal Garters. There are individual make-up and beauty items for the bride to be and/or bridal squad. I’ve really thought about what’s important and hope you agree I’ve covered all bases. In fact, a sale is a great opportunity to sample items you’re intrigued by at a discount. So don’t wait, have a try of Bridal Box and let me know what you think! You can read all the lovely reviews received so far on both my Bridal Box site and Etsy.

Lordine Marie, Founder and CEO of Show The Bride and Bridal Box


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