Finding the Perfect Wedding Outfit on a Tight Budget

Wedding Dress

Just because you’re on a tight budget doesn’t mean you can’t look amazing at a wedding. Everybody deserves to look like an incredible wedding guest (without outshining the bride, obviously). This guide will help you to find the perfect wedding outfit on a tight budget!

Consider Renting an Outfit

If you are tight on cash, why not consider renting a wedding outfit before buying? There are a number of retailers online and offline you can look at if you’d like to rent something to wear. You might even be able to afford something designer this way! All you need to do is keep it nice and clean and make sure you get it back to them by the time specified. You won’t end up buying a wedding outfit you’ll never wear again either!

Buy Second Hand

If you want to treat yourself to a wedding outfit on a budget, then consider a second hand purchase. Many people sell things that have only been worn once and are in perfect condition, yet you should get lots of money knocked off the original selling price. Try looking on sites like eBay, and see if there are any selling sites for your area.

Check Out Designer Sales Online

Some designers have sales online. Sometimes stores have a surplus of stock that they want to sell off quickly. Try designer sale sites and even the designer sites themselves to see if you can snag a wedding outfit for a bargain. Don’t worry if something isn’t in your size; with a good tailor, you can make pretty much anything look amazing! It’ll cost a little more money, but it’ll be worth it.


Look at Special Offers

Many wedding boutique stores will have special offers to suit your needs. They might have a bargain rail of things that have been reduced, or a special cut price section of the store. Whatever you’re looking for, you should be able to find it in a good wedding boutique. For example, you can find mother of the bride plus size outfits from Frox of Falkirk to suit your budget. When entering a boutique in person, ask to see if they have a bargain rail they can show you.

Go Shopping With a Group of Guests

If you plan on going shopping with a group of guests and a few of you want to buy wedding outfits from the same place, you could have some money knocked off your total. Many boutiques will allow you to haggle with them a little so that they make a sale. If you don’t get a discount on your outfit, they might throw in some accessories or shoes at a cut price.

You don’t need to worry about not looking as good as everybody else at a wedding just because you’re on a budget. You will definitely be able to find something amazing to wear if you just used these tips. If you have any smart tips of your own that you’d like to share, leave a comment below.

Happy planning!!


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