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The pressure on men to pick an engagement ring we are going to love is enormous. Many will have never set foot in a jewellery store, let alone know about trends and cuts of diamonds. This can mean the engagement ring buying process is a stressful and challenging activity, especially if he does not know what you would like. So instead of letting him struggle and to ensure you get the engagement ring of your dreams, here are a few ways to drop some hints and help him out!

Discreetly show him a picture


To give him an idea of the style, cut and setting that you like for your engagement ring, you need to show him some pictures. But it’s important that you do this without it being too obvious. Leaving your laptop open on a Tacori wedding rings site or leaving wedding magazine pages in plain sight are both excellent options. You could find some examples of engagement rings on Pinterest and casually tell him what you like or dislike about the ring in question and ask for his opinion. This may also work if a close friend of yours has just got engaged. You could look at her engagement ring on Instagram and share your thoughts with him on the design and size.

Remember that if you have not talked about getting engaged before, showing him pictures of engagement rings could scare him off, put him off shopping or make him reluctant to discuss the topic further. So tread very carefully and make your conversations about rings very natural and not too specific. If he openly asks for ideas, give him a few select images of engagement rings you love to inspire him. Amazon has a range of engagement rings to suit most budgets. This halo shaped rose gold engagement ring is the definition of affordable luxury.

Shop for the ring together


If you aren’t entirely sure what kind of engagement ring will look good on you, why not suggest going to a jewellery store together. You could pretend you are looking for a Mother’s day or birthday gift and casually wander over to the ring displays. Or if your man is not particularly traditional, you could arrange a formal appointment with local jewellers to find a suitable style. These are both perfect opportunities to let him know what to avoid and what style you adore. Try not to pressure him into buying your engagement ring there and then. He may want to come back and buy it when you are not there to keep the element of surprise. If you want a specific engagement ring, make a big deal out of showing it off to him so he gets the picture.

Design the ring as a couple


If you want an engagement ring that is unlike any other, it might be best to suggest creating the ring yourselves. You may both have strong and varying ideas of what the perfect engagement ring should look like, so combining them could be an ideal solution. You could create it together with the help of a jeweller and incorporate both of your ideas into the design. This will add even more sentiment to the ring as a little bit of both of you has gone into making it.

These tips should get you an engagement ring you can be proud to wear forever. Then you can start looking at dresses and planning the biggest day of your life!

Happy planning!! xoxox

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