Pro Skin Clinic: Micodermabrasion Facial Review

Microdermabrasion- Pro Skin model

Pro Skin- Microdermabrasion review

Last week I went along to Pro Skin Clinics to try their Microdermabrasion facial in an effort to reduce the signs of ageing. As a beauty lover I’m always looking for new ways to slow down the ageing process, refresh dull skin and get rid of all the toxins that are an unhappy consequence of working in the City.

It’s important to look after your skin and I’m a true believer that prevention is better than cure. I don’t intend to be having botox at 30- That’s not me being judgmental at all by the way. I hate needles so I’d never willingly go that route. Especially when there are so many (pain free) products available!


Pro Skin

What is microdermabrasion?

Diamond Microdermabrasion deeply exfoliates the skin; the treatment removes dead and tired skin cells. Once the dead skin cells are removed healthier looking skin is revealed. This improves the overall appearance of the skin.


What are the benefits?

  • Microdermabrasion deeply exfoliates the skin, helping to restore natural glow
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Stimulates collagen production, promoting the growth of healthy new cells
  • Microdermabrasion treatment can help relieve congested and enlarged pores
  • Can help treat skin conditions like; wrinkles skin damage, pigmentation, milia and many more.
Pro Skin products

Pro Skin products

Age defying products

Age defying products


My treatment

My skin was prepped and cleansed prior to treatment to remove any make-up, oils and dirt. Following this, the microdermabrasion began. The actual tool used feels like a tiny vacuum hoovering your skin. It’s completely pain free but reminded me of being in art class when I was younger and pulling glue off my skin out of boredom and perhaps the sheer madness that my generation seemed to find so fun- my beauty therapist said she also used to do the same thing!

I felt nice and relaxed while my treatment went on and I was able to ask about the benefits of the treatment and also how often I should be getting microdermabrasion facials. It’s advisable to repeat the treatment every few weeks to keep skin looking rejuvenated. I also got lots of advice on how to care for my own combination skin.

I’m more than happy with my results and would definitely have microdermabrasion at Pro Skin Clinics again. I left with super soft skin and didn’t have to wear foundation for the next few days as the old, dull skin had been exfoliated away leaving lovely smooth skin at the surface. In fact, I was told that I had a “glow” the next day! I could happily receive that compliment again and again. This could also be down to the Dermaquest anti-ageing cleanser I purchased after my treatment, after advice received from the therapist. It’s supposed to reduce pores and get rid of any dirt my facial wash doesn’t pick up.


The Dermaquest Range



I will visit Pro Skin again. In fact, I’ve booked in another appointment in  a few weeks time. If you’re looking for a no-pain, non invasive facial treatment with real results prior to your wedding day, I’d definitely recommend microdermabrasion. What I will say is, like any treatment, try it well in advance of your wedding day. You do not want to end up having a reaction to any treatment and ruining your big day.


Happy planning!! xoxo

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