Lockdown: Wedding Planning in Self-Isolation

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Hi Guys and Dolls! I realise now is a very testing time for us all during lockdown. For some of you, wedding planning has become a nightmare. Pause, inhale and exhale! There’s still lots you can do, even while in lockdown, so try my tips below and try not to panic!

Organising your Wedding Gift List

Whilst high street stores like John Lewis are physically closed right now, popular online Wedding Lists are still running and in high demand during this lockdown. Amazon’s Wedding List is amazing and as majority of the UK has an Amazon account per household, you don’t have to worry about your guests being inconvenienced. Prezola is another established Wedding list brand, well known in the UK. Having a Wedding List with either of these companies is likely to make sorting and receiving your wedding items much easier for you. I’ve partnered with Prezola to include a £50 gift voucher towards their Wedding List with every purchase of the Bridal Box Beauty Gift Box. The Gift Box has a value in excess of £160 but is selling for £100 currently. It includes luxury make-up items, a wedding planning guide, a lace and crystal garter and more. The perfect gift for any Bride to Be!

Postponing your wedding date during lockdown
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Some of you will end up having to postpone your wedding dates whilst we’re in lockdown, if you haven’t had to do so already. I understand that this will be devastating for you as you’ve been so looking forward to your big days. A number of my followers and even some friends have had it happen already. If you’re still questioning what your options are, reach out to your wedding venue to discuss options. Reach out to your suppliers, caterers, registrars etc and make them aware of your changing plans. If this is too hard for you to stomach right now, nominate your Maid of honour, close friend, someone that can express what you need on your behalf. As a friend to someone who has had to postpone their wedding during lockdown, reach out and see if there is anything you can do to help. But try not to over dramatise the situation as this won’t help at all. If you can offer to help, do so, but don’t ring just to express your disappointment. It’s their wedding after all so your disappointment doesn’t even come close!

Wedding Planning during Lockdown

There’s still so much you can do during lockdown. First things first, if you’re still in the planning phases plan more! Think about all the little things you haven’t focused on previously due to time and use this time to perfect and organise these things. As an example, have you bought favours for your bridal party and groomsmen? Gifts for both sets of parents? Thank you letters to your suppliers? These are the little touches that can often be forgotten. And if you’re right at the beginning of the planning phase then use this time to research potential venues online, join groups exclusively for Brides to Be. As an example, I have a group just for Brides on Facebook. Feel free to join and share ideas with other Brides to Be. Join my Bridal Glam Community today! I’ve also written and produced a beautiful Coiled hardback Wedding Planner in colour and with visuals. It’s the only planner you’ll need and I’ve added everything I’ve learnt on the way- wedding checklists, budget planners, seating plan examples, advice on choosing the right dress as example.

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Self-Care and Mindfulness
It’s fair to say that lockdown has caused a lot of anxiety for a lot of people. What tools do you have at your disposal to keep yourself calm? I’d recommend mindfullness and meditation. Meditation is a calming way to start the day and end the day. I think most of you will agree that in lockdown the hours and days are starting to blend together. So having a routine or schedule is so important to keep your mind right. Start each day by listing 5 things that you have that you’re thankful for. Then spend 5 minutes meditating, reflecting on your blessings. You can then finish with 5 minutes where you clear your mind of everything. Every stress, every worry. Lie down for 5 minutes and think of nothing. Now, you’re ready to start the day!

Another tip I have to share whilst in lockdown is to use this time to really focus on improving your skincare. Not having to wear make-up every day is a blessing to your skin right now. Keep it clean and hydrated whilst in lockdown. As part of my routine, I practice facial contouring/jade face rolling and swear by Collagen Gold eye masks. They’re great for getting rid of fine lines and also brighten my under eyes. I work at the computer a lot so sometimes I do get dark patches under my eyes. The collagen masks plump my under eyes and make me look like I’ve had a great night’s sleep. Add these godsends to your beauty regime now!


Virtual Wedding Make-Up and Hair Consultations
Some of you may be wondering how you’ll sort out hair and make-up trials during lockdown. Have a look and gather make-up and hair looks that you like and send them to your hair and make-up artists. I’d also suggest booking in a video conference to discuss your options. Many people are using Zoom or House Party to organise virtual chats currently. Your make-up artist may even try some looks on to get your feedback on the type of look you would like on your big day, same for hair. Now is the time to be creative and flexible!

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Use this time to get your accessories ready too! On my big day my make-up artist forgot to put lashes on me and i had none in the house. Nightmare! Get your mink bridal lashes now. Get your other accessories like jewellery, underwear and your Bridal Garter sorted whilst you have time now too.

Hen Dos/ Meetings with Bridesmaids
It’s gutting to know that some of you will have to move, or even cancel, your Hen Dos. Let your close friends know that you’d like them to organise some drinking and other hen games via Video chat on the date you were intending to go away originally. If you have specific games in mind, let them know too. Your friends will enjoy putting a fun day together to cheer you up. So get dressed up and make the most of it! A good talk, some games and some light drinking will make you feel miles better. We celebrated my best friend’s birthday using House party and played a group game on Kahoot! We had so much fun!

Dresses by To Have and To Hold

A regular Zoom call with your bridesmaids while you’re in lockdown will also help to keep you all focused on the future date and what remains to be done. Houseparty is also just as popular.

Happy Planning!

You can get organised today by purchasing a copy of the Bridal Box Coiled Hardback Bridal Planner now- including comprehensive checklist, budget planner, seating plan samples and more!

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