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Your Wedding Filmed is a videography company based out of Edenbridge, Kent, in the South East of England. Videographer David delights in documenting wedding celebrations in an unobtrusive and organic fashion. With over 20 years of experience, he and his dedicated team strive to create beautiful films that faithfully portray couples’ love stories with cinematic style and candid authenticity.

Your Wedding Filmed is one of our suppliers from our directory, and we caught up with him to find out more about the man behind the brand:

Please tell us a bit about you: 

“I am David a videographer from Edenbridge on the Surrey, Kent border.  I am a Dad, tennis nut and a big Florida fan (have been 14 times!). I love watching and analysing films and I am always looking to learn by reading good old fashioned books and listening to audible on the way to a job. I am passionate about cameras and technology, but still believe the power to a great film is in the storytelling and the way you use technology to suit this.”

What services do you provide?

“I offer films for creative couples who prefer not to be directed and want someone unobtrusive who captures the details and emotion of their day. I offer two different types of packages.  The first is a highlights only film and the second is a full feature film alongside the highlights.”

What inspired you to get into film production?

“My dad gave up his career in management to become a filmmaker just when cameras started to become accessible to consumers.  He won several awards and became known as one of the top videographers in the UK.  I started working for him when I could first hold a camera, then took over the business 8 years ago, he still sometimes works alongside me today (at the young age of 63).”

What can the couple expect to experience if they chose your services?

“A filmmaker with passion and experience in all types of filming environments. This enables me to concentrate on the wedding day and not the filming equipment. My aim is that couples really don’t notice me one their day is underway.  They enjoy their day and shortly afterwards they receive a film capturing everything they remember and moments that they never saw and can enjoy for the first time.”

Can you tell us about a memorable or funny wedding experience you’ve had whilst filming?

“My first ever wedding, I was only 15 years old and filmed a wedding all by myself at St Pauls Cathedral in London.   Considering I didn’t have the knowledge or experience I have today, I can remember being so calm and just going about my job.  But talk about jumping straight in at the deep end!”

When you’re not filming, what do you enjoy to do/or where are you likely to be?

“When I am not filming I am usually playing with my kids or on a tennis court.   A perfect holiday for me would be in Florida, a bit of tennis, family time and Disney and food!”

Any planning tips you’d like to share with our Brides to Be?

“My top tip is to let yourself and your passions shine through at your wedding. It doesn’t have to be full on themed, but touches and details throughout your day that make it you.   Recent examples are a bride and groom going out to the Wimbledon tennis theme tune and the canapés being served on tennis rackets.”



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