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Taking great wedding photo is an integral part of having a successful wedding and should not be overlooked while planning for the big day. Planning for a wedding is a process that can take several months or a year all for an auspicious occasion full of wonderful chaos and goes by quickly. As such, it is necessary to capture every special moment on camera and relive every moment of the wedding every time you look at the pictures.


Choosing a photographer should not be an intricate process as many people make it out to be. You only need to have criteria that will help you find a professional photographer who will not only be able to take great photos but also be able to fit your needs. You would not want to have pictures taken that steal away all the effort put into making you, your bridal team, and the entire occasion, look beautiful and memorable. Those are not the kind of pictures you would want in your wedding albums. So, invest some of your money and effort into finding a photographer that will give you an excellent end product.


Yes, sometimes you need the wedding photographer to play a significant part in your wedding planning and budget. NY Jewish wedding photographer Andre Reichmann advises that you make an investment that is worthy of your wedding; it is a big event that should not be captured via lacklustre pictures. While there are many devices out there that can make anyone seem like a professional photographer, photography is a profession that demands experience and great skill. So, do not just pick someone for the job because what you put into it is what you will get out of it.


Qualities To Look For In A Photographer

You need to do your homework well if you intend to find the right photographer to give the job of capturing every moment of your special day. Do not just focus on the stellar portfolio of the photographer, personality, and other qualities should also be put into consideration. In light to that, here are five qualities that can help you know if you have found the right person for the job:


  1. Creativity

Photography is not just about having the very best lenses and photography equipment. The work of any great photographer is often attributed to their level of creativity. The photographer will have multiple images of a shot developed in their mind before the camera lenses flicker and lights flash. It is a skill that accounts for the great pictures taken even when people are in motion or doing different poses or layouts.



2.Attention to detail

Creativity goes hand in hand with having a high attention to detail. Everything captured in view of the lense is subject to scrutiny and not detail is too small to assume because all is captured in the picture.



Weddings are always full of activities, and things can at times fail to go as planned and tempers can flair with people trying to find ways for things to go as expected. As such, you need to hire a photographer who is calm and understanding, ready to make adjustments where necessary when things do not go according to plan. As the bride, you probably won’t have time to coordinate things during the wedding and the photographer should know your expectations and be able to anticipate every possible outcome to be able to deliver an exceptional service.


4.Strong Communication Skills

Communication is important when planning your wedding photography and during the wedding for the success of the event. The same applies when dealing with your wedding photographer. You need to communicate your needs and expectations for the photographer to know what to deliver. Likewise, the photographer should have excellent communication skills, be able to speak up and give suggestions that will help meet your expectations. Remember that you are dealing with a professional and you therefore should be flexible enough to accommodate the photographer’s ideas. A good sign of professional communication is having it shared through a verbal and written form as these will play a major role in drawing up an agreement for services rendered.


Hold a consultative meeting with the photographer and go over his or her portfolio to see if their style of photography suits your needs and expectations. Use the meeting as an opportunity to find out if you are dealing with a person who meets all the above requirement. As you meet, discuss and get all the answers to your questions, you will also be able to see if you will get along with the photographer.


Happy planning!



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